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IKURO Fujiwara 藤原いくろう


IKURO Fujiwara,藤原いくろう
©︎Being, INC.

“Music has no genre,” says Ikuro Fujiwara, a talented musician who fuses pop with classical and plays a wide range of roles from pianist, conductor, and composer to creating songs for artists or television and movie soundtracks. 

Ikuro has had a strong relationship with Russia throughout his career. His musical activities were greatly influenced by the composer Konstantin D. Krimets, whom he met in Moscow where he had gone to record music for a video game. In 2005, Ikuro performed at a piano concert held in Moscow―a concert with his original music, an unprecedented achievement for a Japanese person, earning him acclaim, and in 2007 he accepted an invitation to make a guest performance at an organ competition held in Kalingrad. Such is the depth of his relationship with Russia.

Ikuro has broadened his efforts toward Asian countries. The success of his song “Deep Sea”, used in the popular Korean drama Winter Sonata, led him to release his own albums, Machi and Tenderness, under the Korean label SM Entertainment. And he went as a pianist to Busan,  Seoul(2007) and Singapore(2008). In 2007,he conducted for the Tokyo New City Orchestra in Shanghai for a Japanese-Chinese music festival. Ikuro worked as music director on the 2008 Hong Kong film Painted Skin (starring Donnie Yen, directed by Gordon Chan). On April 9th, 2009, Painted Skin’s theme song “Painted Heart”(starring Jane Zhang) won Best Original Film Song at the 28th annual Hong Kong Film Awards (often called the Academy Awards of Hong Kong). This is the first time in the 100-year history of Hong Kong film that a Japanese has won such an award. Ikuro also received the Golden Deer award at the Changchun Film Festival for Best Original Film Score. He also worked as music director on Gordon Chan’s 2011 film Mural. Also in Chinese film, Ikuro has worked on the theme song of The Lost Blademan (2011) and won the award for Best Original Song at a television festival in Macau for the theme song “Xiá Gǔ Róuqíng”of the drama Tsao Tsao directed by Hu Mei. Ikuro’s activities have earned him acclaim not only in Japan but overseas as well, and thus he was specially chosen as a foreign judge for the 2014 Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2017 he worked as music director on Chinese film Legend Of The Naga Pearls,and worked on them song(starring Jane Zhang).

Starting in 1998, Ikuro has produced concerts for his “Symphonic A” project, in which pop artists collaborate with a full orchestra. Some of the artists he has collaborated with include: Akina Nakamori (1998), Asato Shizuki (2001), Mayo Okamoto (2001), Yoshiki (2002), Miki Imai (2004), Ryo Aska (2005), Kirito (2006), Ayaka Hirahara (2007), Ayaka (2009), Garnet Crow (2010), and Mai Kuraki (2011, 2012, 2013). He has participated in the shows as musical director, conductor, and pianist. For Aska’s 2008 Symphonic Asia Tour (Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong), he worked with local orchestras as the musical director and conductor. The same year he played 5 major cities in Japan with the Arena Tour.

To further his creative endeavors beyond arrangement, Ikuro has brought together young musicians from Japan to form “Mir Strings”, over which he presides. In 2010 they worked on the score for Nemuri Kyoshiro, a play starring the artist Gackt. Since then. Yoshiki, Luna Sea ,and many other artist’s album includes music orchestrated by Ikuro. 

Every year from 2014, he did arrangement and conducting for “THE MUSIC DAY”, a special music program from Nippon TV that shows collaborations between orchestra and pop artists. 

Starting in 2016, Ikuro has produced android strings unit “NOIR”.



韓国ドラマ「冬のソナタ」の劇中曲「Deep Sea」の提供をきっかけに、活動のフィールドをアジアにも広げ、自身のアルバムをSMエンタテインメントより韓国にてリリース。ピアニストとしても、2007~2008年に釜山、ソウル、シンガポールにてソロ・コンサートを開催。

2007年11月には、上海の日中音楽祭にて東京ニューシティ管弦楽団を指揮。2008年公開中国映画「画皮 あやかしの恋」(陳嘉上(ゴードン・チャン)監督・甄子丹(ドニー・イェン)主演)では音楽監督を務め、2009年4月19日に行われた香港のアカデミー賞と呼ばれる第28回香港電影金像奨の授賞式において最優秀主題歌賞に主題曲「画心」(歌唱:張靚穎)が選ばれた。香港映画100周年の歴史上、最優秀主題歌賞に日本人が受賞したのは初めて。また同作品では長春映画祭で最優秀映画音楽賞(金鹿賞)を受賞。その後も、陳嘉上(ゴードン・チャン)監督作品にて映画「画壁」(2011年)でも音楽監督を務める。また映画「関雲長」(2011年)の主題歌の作曲も手がけ、胡玫監督のドラマ「曹操」の主題歌「侠骨柔情」は、2013年マカオテレビ祭の最優秀影視曲歌唱賞を受賞した。このような活動が高く評価され、2014年香港電影金像奨の海外審査員に特別選出されている。なお、2017年公開の中国映画「鮫珠伝」の音楽監督および、張靚穎(ジェーン・チャン)が歌う主題歌の作曲も手がけている。

1998年よりスタートしたフルオーケストラとポップスアーティストの完全コラボレーションコンサート「シンフォニックA」プロジェクトでは、中森明菜(’98) 姿月あさと(’01) 岡本真夜(’01) 森進一(’02) YOSHIKI(’02) 今井美樹(’04) 飛鳥涼 (’05) KIRITO(’06) 平原綾香(’07) 絢香(’09) GARNET CROW(’10) 倉木麻衣(’11, ’12, ’13)のコンサートをプロデュース。音楽監督、指揮者、ピアニストとして参加。2008年ASKAシンフォニックアジアツアー(シンガポール・バンコク・上海・香港)には音楽監督・指揮者として参加し、現地のオーケストラとコラボレーションを魅せる。同年秋の国内5大都市アリーナツアーにも参加した。

藤原のアレンジをよりクリエイティブに具現化するために、国内の若手演奏家を集めた「ミールストリングス」を主宰し、2010年にはGACKT主演の舞台「眠狂四郎」の音楽制作に参加。その後も、YOSHIKIやLUNA SEAなど、名だたるアーティストのアルバムにオーケストレーションを手掛けた楽曲が収録されている。

さらに近年は、2014年より毎年、日本テレビ系音楽特別番組「THE MUSIC DAY」にてオーケストラとポップスアーティストとのコラボレーションをする企画にアレンジ・指揮で出演している。


Past overseas live appearances
In November of 2007 he went as a pianist to the Busan Cultural Center in Busan and Art Hall BOM in Seoul, and in the same month he conducted for the Tokyo New City Orchestra in Shanghai for a Japanese-Chinese music festival.

In April of 2008 he went to Singapore’s ‘Sinema Old School’ to perform a solo concert. For Aska’s 2008 Symphonic Asia Tour (Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong), he worked with local orchestras as the musical director and conductor.At “Japanese Spring in Russia”, a Japanese cultural event in St. Petersburg,

he did orchestration and piano work for Saori Yuki in 2013, Mayo Okamoto in April of 2014, Azami Inoue and Takayoshi Tanimoto in April 2015.


Piano Anthology ~melody of LUNA SEA~


Release date: 2016.8.31

Artist: IKURO Fujiwara


Scenario de la saison-ete-


Release date: 2014.7.2

Artist: IKURO Fujiwara


Scenario de la saison-printemps-


Release date: 2014.7.2

Artist: IKURO Fujiwara


Scenario de la saison-hiver-


Release date: 2014.1.1

Artist: IKURO Fujiwara


Scenario de la saison-automne-


Release date: 2013.9.18

Artist: IKURO Fujiwara


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