The content and service of ‘Japan Anime Music LAB. ’(JAM LAB.) transferred to Tokyo International Music Market(TIMM) website and TIMMONLINE.

Since October 14th, the content and service of ‘JAM LAB.’ was transferred to the TIMM website and TIMMONLINE which is the official business matching service website TIMM maintain to provide Japanese music artists including ‘Anisong’ artists online connecting service assisting international buyers and media to propose business offers to Japanese music related companies.

For Fans

Please continue to enjoy Japanese Anisong artists and their recent information at TIMM website and TIMMONLINE click the banner below.

For Music Related Professionals, Buyers

Registered JAMLAB buyers who wish to continue participating as TIMMONLINE buyers may register as TIMMONLINE buyers. Those who wish to register and participate in TIMMONLINE are required to register as overseas buyers of TIMMONLINE, so please click the banner below.

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