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"ANIMAX MUSIX 2018 YOKOHAMA", 17 artists gathered together and several collaborations happened!


On 17th November at Yokohama Arena, 17 artists gathered for the ninth year of "ANIMAX MUSIX 2018 YOKOHAMA supported by Hikari TV". The event is an annual festival of Anisong which is produced by ANIMAX, a TV channel that specializes in anime.

The line-up artists were following:
Yuka Iguchi, Kaori Ishihara, Wake Up, Girls!, OxT, ORESAMA, GRANRODEO, Maon Kurosaki, Starlight Kuku Gumi, Azusa Tadokoro, Megumi Nakajima, Yoshino Nanjō, Manami Numakura, PENGUIN RESEARCH, Inori Minase, Kiyono Yasuno, Luce Twinkle Wink☆, MYTH & ROID (*Seacret Guest).

Check out the highlights from the event -- which included several collaborations -- below.

First Artist, OxT Boost the Heat of the Venue at Once

The festival was get start with OxT, the unit consists of vocalist Masayoshi Ōishi (Vo.) and Tom-H@ck (Gt.). Their two songs, the opening song to SSSS. GRIDMAN, "UNION", and the opening song to Prince of Stride, "STRIDER'S HIGH", made the heat of the audience rise at once. During the performance, an animated picture was projected on the back screen of the stage, and for the song of “UNION”, GRIDMAN appeared on the stage!

They entertained the crowd not only their performance, but also their talk. Ōishi mentioned one of the collaboration goods with ANIMAX MUSIX, clothes hangers which attached OxT’s head shots, and he said "I'm sure some of you used this hanger with a different way, like, ‘I took Ōishi’s head!’, I know who did it!", and that scene made the audience laugh.


ANIMAX MUSIX has various special programs that could only be realized at this event. In the "LIGHT NOVEL SELECTION" which selected the famous song of light novel (young adult books) original animation, Kiyono Yasuno covers "Kimiiro Signal", the opening song of Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. Since Yasuno acted as Megumi Kato, main heroine at the TV anime, the crowd got excited to this covered song. ORESAMA performed "Get along", the opening song of The Slayers, then Yuka Iguchi and Yoshino Nanjō collaborated with "No buts!", the opening theme of A Certain Magical Index II.


A popular program to realize requests from fans, "FAN SELECTION" was one of the other special one. Before the event, ANIMAX recruited requests of “What kind of anison you’d like your favorite artist to cover?" and "What collaborations between your favorite artists do you want to see?" from fans, so artists and anisongs were selected for this program based on the requests. First, Azusa Tadokoro and Manami Numakura sang “Linear Blue Wo Kikinagara”, the theme song of TIGER & BUNNY - The Beginning - in theatrical version. Their rock sounds fascinated the audiences. Megumi Nakajima and Yoshino Nanjō performed the opening song to Hayate no Gotoku!, “Nanakorobi YaokiShijo shugi!”.


Majority of cast performers of the day were female artists, and only three male groups were there. Because of that, a male performers only program, "MUSIX OTOKO (MALE) MATSURI!” was held to encourage male groups. GRANRODEO, OxT and PENGUIN RESEARCH had been requested to sing the songs of female vocals with the original song key in this program.

PENGUIN RESEARCH showed up on the stage first. Yoji Ikuta (Vo.) talked about the song he will sing that is his favourite song and he had covered it on his copy band. And then, the song of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, "God knows ...", originally performed by Haruhi Suzumiya (CV: Aya Hirano), started. Ikuta were singing high notes perfectly, and the voice was not only powerful, also expressed the delicacy of female vocal songs.

OxT was coming next on the stage and Ōishi mentioned about the song he will sing which was "The famous song that starts with ‘Welcome to’!" and "Who sings when Oishi does not sing!". Thanks to that hint, the crowd changed the colour of their glo-sticks to green and expressed the song “Welcome to Japari Park!” (*the opening song of Kemono Friends, which lyrics, music, and arrangement by Ōishi). After that, the song "TOUGH BOY", the opening song of Hokuto no Ken, originally performed by TOM★CAT, was played! Oishi tricked the audience brilliantly, and there was a big burst of laughter on this.

The performance song of GRANRODEO, the opening song of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, "Precious Memories", originally performed by Minami, was a song that deeply involved them. The reason for forming GRANRODEO is that when the character song of "Kimi ga Nozomu Eien" was created, KISHOW (Vo.), who was main character's voice actor, was in charge of lyrics, and e-ZUKA (Gt.) was in charge of music and arrangement.

After the performance of each of the three group was over, "Don’t say “lazy”", the ending song of K-ON, originally performed by SakuraKou Keionbu, was sang by all three groups. With overwhelmingly performance, the venue was filled with excitement.

”Wake Up, Girls!” Made the Last ANIMAX MUSIX Appearance

Scheduled to be dissolved in 2019, this year's performance was the last ANIMAX MUSIX appearance for Wake Up, Girls! (WUG!). "I remember what happened when I first appeared," WUG! looked back to the past two appearances at ANIMAX MUSIX, and about the plan of the tour that they were doing since this summer will be broadcasted on ANIMAX, "Thank you very much for your kindness! We will express our thanks by performance!", WUG! told their enthusiasm, and they performed Medley of "SHIFT" and "Koi? de Ai? de Boukun desu!" , and also "Polaris". They showed glamorous performances with full of dynamism. At the end of the performance, they bowed deeply to the audiences for a long time.

In addition, the ANIMAX developed a program "WUG!’s Three Battles" to gave challenges to WUG!. In this program, three groups of artists collaborated with WUG!, and covered the songs. WUG! performed the opening song of LuckyStar, "Motteke! Sailor Fuku" with Luce Twinkle Wink☆, the ending song of Unbreakable Machine-Doll, "Maware! Setsugekka" with Starlight Kuku Gumi, and the song of Macross F, "Seikan Hikou” with Megumi Nakajima.

More Specials! Included Seacret Guest

For the "FAN SELECTION Part 2”, Inori Minase covered the opening song of Vivid Strike!, “Future Strike”. After that, those who are appeared in anime series of Aikatsu!, Kaori Ishihara, Azusa Tadokoro, Manami Numakura and Kiyono Yasuno, sang together to the song of the anime, "Idol Activity!", and the voltage of the venue was at its peak. And in "LIGHT NOVEL SELECTION Part 2", secret artist MYTH & ROID appeared. With the opening song of The Saga of Tanya the Evil, "JINGO JUNGLE", and the opening song of OVERLORD III, "VORACITY", they filled the whole venue with heavy sounds.

Gland Finale -All 17 Casting Artists Sang One Song Together

The last act, GRANRODEO brought passionate with four songs included the opening song of Baki, "BEASTFUL" and their debut song, the opening song of IGPX Immortal Grand Prix, “Go For It!”. This song has never been performed at an event before. Despite this, it gathered the whole venue together in a call & response, and caused great excitement within the crowd.

In the ending, all of the casting artists this year sang together "Catch You Catch Me”, the opening song of Cardcaptor Sakura which also celebrates the 20th anniversary as same as ANIMAX, and the stage which lasted about 6 hours was closed the curtain.


1. UNION  (OxT)


3. RESOLVE  (Azusa Tadokoro)

4. DEAREST DROP  (Azusa Tadokoro)

5. Kimiiro Signal  (Kiyono Yasuno) *Originally Performed by Luna Haruna

6. Get along  (ORESAMA) *Originally Performed by Megumi Hayashibara

7. No buts!  (Yuka Iguchi×Yoshino Nanjō) *Originally Performed by Mami Kawada

8. Sunny You  (Kaori Ishihara)

9. Singularity Point  (Kaori Ishihara)

10. go to Romance>>>>>  (Luce Twinkle Wink☆)

11. Symphony  (Luce Twinkle Wink☆)

12. Linear Blue Wo Kikinagara  (Azusa Tadokoro×Manami Numakura) *Originally Performed by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN 

13. Nanakorobi Yaoki☆Shijo shugi!  (Megumi Nakajima×Yoshino Nanjō) *Originally Performed by KOTOKO

14. Rocket Beat  (Kiyono Yasuno) 

15. Boku no Venus (Kiyono Yasuno) 

16. Hotohashiru  (ORESAMA)


18. God knows…  (PENGUIN RESEARCH) *Originally Performed by Haruhi Suzumiya (CV: Aya Hirano)

19. TOUGH BOY  (OxT)  *Originally Performed by TOM☆CAT

20. Precious Memories  (GRANRODEO) *Originally Performed by Minami

21. Don't say "Lazy"  (OxT×GRANRODEO×PENGUIN RESEARCH) *Originally Performed by Sakurako Keionbu

22. Irodori-color-  (Manami Numakura)

23. Desires  (Manami Numakura)

24. SHIFT ~ Koi? de Ai? de Boukun desu! Medley  (Wake Up, Girls!)

25. PoLaris  (Wake Up, Girls!)


26. Hoshi no Dialogue  (Starlight Kuku Gumi)

27. Star Divine  (Starlight Kuku Gumi)

28. Saturday Night Question  (Megumi Nakajima)

29. Bitter Sweet Harmony  (Megumi Nakajima)

30. Joker ni Yoroshiku  (PENGUIN RESEARCH)


32. Future Strike  (Inori Minase)  *Originally Performed by Yui Ogura

33. Idol Activity!  (Kaori Ishihara×Azusa Tadokoro×Manami Numakura×Kiyono Yasuno) *Originally Performed by Waka, Fuuri, Sunao, Risuko from STAR☆ANIS

34. Kakumei Zenya  (Yuka Iguchi)

35. UNLOCK  (Yuka Iguchi)

36. JINGO JUNGLE  (MYTH & ROID) *Seacret Guest

37. VORACITY  (MYTH & ROID) *Seacret Guest

38. Hikari no Hajimari  (Yoshino Nanjō)

39. Silly-Go-Round  (Yoshino Nanjō)

40. Kimi ga Emu Yuugure  (Yoshino Nanjō)

41. Motteke! Sailor Fuku  (Wake Up, Girls!×Luce Twinkle Wink☆) *Originally Performed by

Konata Izumi (CV: Aya Hirano), Kagami Hiiragi (CV: Emiri Kato), Tsukasa Hiiragi (CV: Kaori Fukuhara) and Miyuki Takara (CV: Aya Endo)

42. Maware! Setsugekka  (Wake Up, Girls!×Starlight Kuku Gumi) *Originally Performed by Utagumi Setsugekka

43. Seikan Hikou  (Wake Up, Girls!×Megumi Nakajima) *Originally Performed by Ranka Lee (CV: Megumi Nakajima)

44. TRUST IN ETERNITY  (Inori Minase)

45. Starry Wish  (Inori Minase)

46. Million Futures  (Inori Minase)

47. décadence  (Maon Kurosaki)

48. Gravitation  (Maon Kurosaki)

49. Memories Last  (Maon Kurosaki)



52. Once&Forever  (GRANRODEO)

53. Go For It!  (GRANRODEO)

54. Catch You Catch Me (All Casting Artists)  *Originally Performed by Gumi

Upcoming Event

ANIMAX MUSIX 2019 OSAKA supported by Hikari TV

Date: 19th January, 2019
Doors open: 13:00 | Show begins: 14:00
Ayaka Ohashi, fripSide, GARNiDELiA, Haruka Yamazaki, i☆Ris, Machico, Miku Ito, Minori Suzuki, nano, Poppin'Party, "Run Girls, Run!", SCREEN mode, Suzuko Mimori, Takuma Terashima, TRUE, Yui Ogura (in alphabetical order)
Venue: Osaka-Jo Hall

Written by Izumi Sakamoto

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