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[Live Report] ANiUTa Live 2018 -Aniupa!!-


ANiUTa Live 2018 -Aniupa!!- took place at Makuhari Messe Event Hall on the 13th of May 2018. This concert is a live event based off the performers that are available in the ANiUTa application, available on mobile devices.

The performers of this event are these 4 groups consisting of i✩Ris, fhána, Maaya Uchida and Walküre, along with two special guest performers of Masayoshi Oishi and Yuiko Ohara.

The event begins with the members of fhána taking the stage. fhána consists of vocalist Towana, and three composers, Jun’ichi Sato, Yuxuki Waga and Kevin Mitsunaga. Junichi usually performs on the keyboard, Yuxuki on the guitar and Kevin on the sampler and metallophone.

fhána begins the ANiUTa performance and their set with the opening theme song to Knights and Magic, Hello! My World!! Scenes from the opening animation are played along while fhána performs the song. They follow up that exciting performance with Watashi no Tame no Monogatari -My Uncompleted Story-, the opening theme song for Maerchen Maedchen. Just like the previous performance, this song is a very fhána kind of performance that fans love to hear.

Towana then gives the band and herself a self-introduction to the crowd at Makuhari. They move on to the third song of the night, titled Moonriver. Unlike the previous two, this song is more of a slow ballad, letting the fans cool down and enjoy the acoustics and vocals.

At this point, Towana mentions to the crowd how amazed they are at the excitement of the crowd, as they could hear their excitement from all the way in their dressing room before the concert even started. Keyboardist Sato then mentions that since this is the ANiUTa live, you can check each individual member’s anisong playlist on the application after the performance.

To coincide with their album’s release, fhána performs the title track of the recently released album, World Atlas, and then finishing off their set with the most popular song, one which fans were most expecting to hear from fhána I’m very sure of. This is the opening theme song to Kobayashi san-chi no Maidragon, Aozora no Rhapsody. At the last chorus, Kevin joins in with Towana to perform the dance to Rhapsody, and I could see members of the crowd joining in as well.

With the end of the performance, while the staff prepares for the next performance, a PV for the ANiUTa application plays. A PV promoting ANiUTa Shiritori”, where the video plays one song, and use the last letter of each song to play another song in succession. They begin with Aozora Jumping Heart from Aquors, to Tokimeki Experience from Poppin’Party, to Stand Up to The Victory from Tomohisa Kawazoe, to Redo from Konomi Suzuki, to Witch Activity by KMM Dan, to Ima Koko by Nao Toyama, to Go! Go! Maniac! by Ho-kago Tea Time, to Clear by Maaya Sakamoto, and finally ending with the Katakana for A, which brings us to iRis.

i✩Ris comprises of 6 members; The leader is Saki Yamakita along with members Yu Serizawa, Himika Akaneya, Yuki Wakai, Miyu Kubota and Azuki Shibuya. While they mainly perform as an idol group together, they have their own individual voice acting careers and some of the members have their own solo artiste careers as well.

i✩Ris takes the stage to perform their first two songs of the night, Dream Parade and Shining Star, both of these songs serve as the fourth and ninth opening theme songs for the long running anime adaptation of the game series, PriPara. Being theme songs for an idol franchise, the songs are very energetic and full of vigor, very fitting of the image set by i✩Ris. With i✩Ris taking the stage, the gears of the crowd changes almost immediately, changing into a more electric, idol-focused audience.

For their third song, i✩Ris performs Changing point, the opening theme song for Magical Girl Site. Unlike the previous two songs, this song takes them towards a slightly darker shift with a strong bassline, and with each member singing in a slightly lower octave. Fitting for the image of the anime this song is based off, giving off a very strong performance.

At this point, the members mention that i✩Ris is currently on their 4th Live Tour, titled Wonderful Palette, and if fans are excited with what they’ve seen today, they would love if the fans would join on the upcoming tour stops. Following that, they have a call and response section to see if the crowd is still fired up, with the crowd replying in kind.

For the final leg of their performance, they begin with Realize! and for the last song in their set, they finish off with one of their most popular songs in their repertoire, Memorial. Returning back to their energetic PriPara songs, the tension of the crowd returns once again to an all time high. For their performance of Memorial, a PV of the anime was played along, with the character in the anime mirroring the respective voice actress performing on stage.

The first special guest performer takes the stage at this point, with Yuiko Ohara beginning her set with one of her most recent singles, Iwanai Kedone. It is the opening theme song for the popular anime Karakai Jozu no Takagi San. Ohara is an upcoming singer songwriter, who performs her own songs as well as making songs for other artistes and voice actresses in the industry. With her guitar on hand, she calms the audience with her sweet voice.

For the second and final performance of the evening, she sings Hoshi wo Tadoreba, the ending theme to the animation version of Little Witch Academia. She has also previously performed the theme song for the OVA short of the series as well. Once again charming the fans at Makuhari Messe with the calming voice and guitar, she serenades the fans with her voice.

After Yuiko finishes her set, the second special guest performer, Masayoshi Oishi makes his way to the stage, much to the excitement of the crowd. A famous singer songwriter in the anisong who needs no introduction, Oishi mentions that he is fond of searching his own name his Twitter before he performs at events, and unfortunately for him, all of 3 people out of this near 6 thousand strong crowd were excited to see him. And one male fan was hoping he could meet a cute Oishi fan today at Makuhari Messe.

He starts off his set with a self cover of a song he wrote last year for the super hit anime franchise Kemono Friends, Yokoso Japari Park e. As probably the most popular anisong of 2017, you can see and hear how excited the crowd was to hear Japari Park again. While they may have heard this many times, they never seem to ever get tired of hearing Japari Park, with the entire crowd waving their hands along in the last chorus.

Oishi continues his performance, this time taking a guitar and performing Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai, from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, renaming the song Aniupa ja Nakya Dame Mitai. He follows on with Otomodachi Film from Tada Never Falls in Love, set to go on sale the following week. He mentions that he is not confident in dancing but he dances anyways showing off that while he is talented in making music and singing, he is also gifted in the dancing department.

For his last song in his set, he mentions that by pure coincidence, a performer appearing today has a song that has been written by him, and he would be covering that song asking fans not to be excited if said person doesn’t appear. He begins to sing Moratorium Dance Floor and after the first verse, the original performer of the song herself Maaya Uchida takes the stage much to the excitement of the crowd and both Oishi and Uchida does a solid performance of this song.

At this point the ANiUTa Premium section begins, with fhána returning to the stage, this time doing a cover of Megumi Nakajima/Ranka Lee’s Seikan Hiko from Macross Frontier, to the bewilderment of the crowd. Towana’s cuteness shines through with her solid rendition of her song and channeling her inner Ranka, along with Kevin with their best “Kira~!”. 

i✩Ris takes the stage immediately after also doing a cover, this time of the opening theme of Nyaruko: Crawling with Love, Taiyo Iwaku Moeyo Chaos, showing off their charming yet cute devil girl sides through their rendition of the song. This was special to the members are three of the members made their debut in the Nyaruko-san franchise. They even ask the fans to join in with them to shout “uu~nyaa~” during the song as well.

The ANiUTa Shiritori PV returning again. Beginning with Step by Step Up^^ from fourfolium, to Fantastic Dreamer by Machico, to Mazinger Z by Ichiro Mizuki, to Tomorrow by Mikuni Shimokawa, to We Can!! Hugtto! PreCure by Kanako Miyamoto, to Arashi no Hero by YUUKA, to Rocks by JAM Project, to Susume Tomorrow by μ’s, and finally ending with the katakana letter U revealing the next performer to be Maaya Uchida.

Uchida begins her set with the opening theme song for Akuma no Riddle, Sosho Innocence, lighting the crowd ablaze with the strong vocals and the hard rock of the song, with the backing of her band members only further amplifying the effect on the song. Maaya Uchida is a popular voice actress, famous for loving anime, games and Japanese history in general, with her acting and personality appealing to many fans all around the world.

Moving on to her next performance is Karappo Capsule, moving from her rock image into something more feel-good and happy to the applause of the crowd, with her vocal range and her skills as a voice actress standing out with the many tongue twisters in the song. aventure bleu is up next, one of her most recent releases from the anime Takunomi., a relaxing song fitting the mood of an anime about drinking at home, bringing the fans to a relaxing mood once again.

At this point she mentions that she will be performing a new song from recently released album, and since the song is not an easy song to perform, she hopes that fans will get excited and enjoy her performance. Titled take you take me BANDWAGON, it is a really fast paced song, which as she predicted, the fans do indeed get excited to hear. A very song easy for fans to enjoy in a live setting, she probably enjoyed the song as much as the fans watching her.

She mentions here that she will be doing a solo tour soon, so she hopes that fans will come visit while she is touring later this year.

To get the fans more excited at this stage of the show, she says she has prepared a special self cover just for today. With the instrumentals beginning to play, the fans erupt as Maaya Uchida transforms herself into Ranko Kanzaki for this one song self covering Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ from The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls. It’s very rare for fans to hear songs from Cinderella Girls with a live band so the excitement of the crowd is once again doubled just hearing this special rendition of the song.

Uchida mentions that her costume she wore has hints of purple so that she can have the feeling of Ranko with her while she performs today. After that she ends off her solid set with one of her most popular songs, Gimme-! Revolution, exciting the crowd as Uchida returning to her regular exciting self, setting the crowd ablaze with her vigorous performance.

It is here where the ANiUTa awards are announced, with the best songs of the past year announced by the season of anime it has been aired as shown below.

Winter 2017: Aozora no Rhapsody - fhána

Spring 2017: Koi? de Ai? de Boukun desu! - Wake Up, Girls!

Summer 2017: One In A Billion - Wake Up, May’n!

Autumn 2017: Here - JUNNA

Male solo artiste: Kenichi Suzumura

Female solo artiste: Suzuko Mimori

Male group: GRANRODEO

Female group: Aqours

CD Single: Yokoso Japari Park e

As for best Album, the winner is not announced but the next guest is called in, mentioning that the winner is none other than Walküre themselves! Tactical Sound Unit, Walküre is comprised of 4 voice actresses and singer with Kiyono Yasuno as leader, and members JUNNA, Nozomi Nishida, Nao Toyama and Minori Suzuki representing their characters from the anime of Macross Delta.

They begin their set with Dancing in the Moonlight, the ending theme to the movie of Macross Delta. As the name implies, it is a very electronic dance song, getting the crowd excited once again that they are finally able to see Walküre on stage for the first time since their last solo live earlier this year. Normally used as a closing, it is instead the opener for this Aniupa concert.

After their self introductions, they continue with arguably their most famous song, Ikenai Borderline, the insert song originally from the TV anime. With the PV of the anime showing along with their overwhelming vocals, the crowd goes wild hearing the song. They follow up with the opening theme of the anime, Ichido Dake no Koi Nara with each member’s strong point highlighted though their solo sections in the song.

The move on with Walküre wa Uragiranai, the song from the climax of the movie version of the anime. Their strong vocals once again stand out through this rendition of the song with the members trying to one-up each other on the stage getting each other to bring out the best in each other.

Ending off the entire night, they perform Walküre ga Tomaranai, ending off the entire concert on a very high high with the vigorous dance and vocals of the song. Just like the fast paced PV of the original song, the crowd is sent to a frenzy just by the chorus of the song and continues to get even more and more excited as the song progresses. Even though two hours has passed since the beginning of the concert, the fans seem like they haven’t lost a single beat since the start, finishing the concert with a strong high.

At the end of the concert, Yu Serizawa takes the stage once again and is joined shortly after by a surprise guest, none other than Kanako Takatsuki, member of popular anisong group Aquors. Coincidentally, both of them are the hosts of “ANiUTa presents Yu Serizawa and Kanako Takatsuki’s Party! Party! Party!”, an online radio show to promote the ANiUTa application.

As the hosts, they are on stage to make an announcement that from the following day onwards, 33 game-sized versions of songs from The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls will be making their way to ANiUTa and on the 11th of June, many songs from the upcoming anime Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight will be making their way to ANiUTa as well. A PC version, a recommendation feature and a review feature will also be making their way to the application too.

And finally, here is the setlist of ANiUTa Live 2018 [Aniupa!!]

1. Hello! My World!! - fhána

2. Watashi no Tame no Monogatari - fhána

3. Moonriver - fhána

4. World Atlas - fhána

5. Aozora no Rhapsody - fhána

6. Dream Parade - i✩Ris

7. Shining Star - i✩Ris

8. Changing point - i✩Ris

9. Realize! - i✩Ris

10. Memorial - i✩Ris

11. Iwanai Kedone - Yuiko Ohara

12. Hoshi wo Tadoreba - Yuiko Ohara

13. Yokoso Japari Park e - Masayoshi Oishi

14. Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai - Masayoshi Oishi

15. Otomodachi Film - Masayoshi Oishi

16. Moratorium Dance Floor - Masayoshi Oishi + Maaya Uchida (Collaboration)

17. Seikan Hikō - fhána (Cover)

18. Taiyo Iwaku Moeyo Chaos - i✩Ris (Cover)

19. Sosho Innocence - Maaya Uchida

20. Karappo Capsule - Maaya Uchida

21. aventure bleu - Maaya Uchida

22. take you take me BANDWAGON - Maaya Uchida

23. Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ -Maaya Uchida (Self cover)

24. Gimme-! Revolution - Maaya Uchida

25. Dancing in the Moonlight - Walküre

26. Ikenai Borderline - Walküre

27. Ichido Dake no Koi Nara - Walküre

28. Walküre wa Uragiranai - Walküre

29. Walküre ga Tomaranai - Walküre

Written by Ash

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