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[Live Report] Animelo Summer Live 2019 – STORY – Day 1 Part.2


As it was the first time for Princess Connect! Re:Diveto join Anisama, the Princesses introduced the game and promoted the upcoming anime adaptation as well as the in-game event. The girls then divided into groups and rode trolleys while singing “Connecting Happy!!,” the ending theme of the game. The girls went around the arena so even fans sitting on the far side of the arena could see them up close. After the song, the girls exited and the lights dimmed.

Red lights focused back on the stage at the center of the arena where enka (folksong) singer Kiyoshi Hikawa, clad in a translucent black outfit appeared and started singing the opening theme song of Dragon Ball Super“Genkai Toppa × Survivor.” It was a fast and energetic rock song, the total opposite of the singer’s original genre. The audience cheered as the enka singer headbanged and filled the arena with his strong vocals, delivering an overall cool performance.

After the song, he introduced himself and said he was happy to be back for the second time. Being an enka singer, he was worried that the audience will only stay silent during his performance last year but was immensely happy because of their warm reception. “Minna suki (I like you all),” he said, to a predominantly male audience who shouted back “ore mo!” (We, too!!) “It made me want to keep on singing songs like this despite my age,” he continued. “It opened a door inside me two years ago and I wanted to explore my potential and sing in ways I like. It’s all thanks to you!” This is his 20th anniversary as an enka singer and he promoted his new song “Daijoubu” and did a “daijoubu” call and response with the audience. He then covered “TOUGH BOY,” the opening theme song of the TV anime Hokuto no Ken 2 (Fist of the North Star 2) and the audience roared and chimed in “hey hey hey” while Kiyoshi delivered another lively performance.

Blue and green crystal-like images were shown on screen and voice actress and singer Megumi Nakajima dressed in blue, and Kaori Ishihara, dressed in green came on stage to sing “TRY UNITE!,”the opening theme song of the TV anime Rinne no Raguranje(Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne). The audience changed the color of their penlights matching the two singers. Nakajima originally sang the song and Ishihara played the role of Madoka Kyouno, the main protagonist.

The screen then played scenes from the anime Senryū Shōjo (Senryu Girl) and a senryū, a type of Japanese poerty, saying ”may the voice of Koto resonate in Anisama”  was shown. The stage at the rear part of the arena lit up and voice actress and singer Rikako Aida, donning a pure white gown gave a heartfelt performance of “ORDINARY LOVE,” the ending theme song of said anime where Aida played the role of Koto Ōtsuki.

The light went back to the main stage and Chihaya Kisaragi (voiced by Asami Imai) of THE iDOLM@STER series started singing “Aoi Tori (M@STER VERSION)”with the piano accompaniment of Pianist Koushaku, much to the surprise the audience. The two were not in the list of artists announced before the event, and were one of the secret acts who performed on the day. Scenes from the THE iDOLM@STER series were shown on the screen while the two enchanted the audience with their music. After the song, Imai told the audience she was very happy to be able to sing the song in front of everyone. THE iDOLM@STER series will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2020 and Imai invited everyone to celebrate with them.

Up next was Suzuko Mimori’s special medley of four collaborations with different artists, celebrating her 10th consecutive appearance in Anisama. She appeared on stage in a pink dress and started singing “GLORY!”the second ending theme song of Daiya no A (Ace of Diamond) with Masayoshi Oishi, who wore a baseball uniform. When they reached the part of “kimi no senaka ga daisukida…!”(I love your back!) Oishi turned his back to the audience to show name “Mimori” on his back and the crowd went crazy.

Kaori Ishihara appeared once again to perform “Fattoshite tougenkyo”with Mimori. The song is the opening theme song of the fourth season of the TV anime Tēkyū. The two sang and danced to the quick and energetic song while the audience chimed in and clapped along.

Mimori introduced the next song “Dokidokidokidoki Tokimekiss♡”from her third album Toyful Basket released in 2016. The crowd cheered and the cheers became louder as she was joined by Yu Serizawa and Yuka Otsubo on stage, who pretended to be wooing Mimori while Mimori blew the two and the audience kisses.

Mimori’s last collaboration was with Mai Fuchigami and they sang together “Yuniba Page,” theopening theme song of the TV anime Outbreak Company. Mimori voiced the character Myusel Fourant while Fuchigami voiced Petralka an Eldant III in the anime. The series was aired in 2013, and the two became reminiscent after singing the song. Fuchigami remarked that she was happy to be able to collaborate with Mimori, who responded this collaboration was only possible because it was Anisama. Fuchigami bid everyone goodbye and left the stage.

Mimori then spoke to the audience and expressed her gratitude to the audience for being able to perform in Anisama for ten consecutive times as part of Milky Holmes, μ’s, and Starlight Kukugumi. She introduced her final song, a song which opened a new page in her story as a solo artist, “Aitai yo... Aitai yo!” It was her very first single released in 2013. The audience cheered and the venue was covered with pink lights, and everyone had been transported into Mimori’s world.

Mimori encouraged everyone to have fun until the end of the festival and the first half of Anisama ended.

Next: Animelo Summer Live 2019 live report Part.3 will be published on 4 November, 2019!


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