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[Live Report] Animelo Summer Live 2019 – STORY – Day 1 Part.4


Organ music started to play and the moment images of members of Roselia flashed on the screen, the audience screamed. The stage lit up and the all-female rock band Roselia from the BanG Dream!franchise appeared. They sang a medley of “LOUDER” and “BLACK SHOUT,”their debut single, while their anime counterparts performed on screen. 

After a powerful performance, the members introduced themselves staying in character: Sayo Hikawa on guitar, Lisa Imai on bass, Ako Udagawa on drums, Rinko Shirokane on keyboard, and Yukina Minato on vocals. They told members of the audience who were seeing them live for the first time to be sure to remember them. Lisa suddenly said, “Kemono Friendswere so cute, right?” to which Ako responded, “there was a penguin in pigtails just like Ako!” and another member said, “wasn’t that Yukina? Yukina can dance?!”  drawing laughter from the audience. Aina Aiba who plays Yukina also played the role of Iwatobi Penguin in Kemono Friends. Lisa asked Yukina to dance, and the other members egged her on. Yukina did oblige, drawing more laughter from the audience. Ako also noted that somebody who looked like Saya from Poppin’ Party (Ayaka Ohashi) sang and danced earlier as well. Yukina cut the conversation short by saying “you definitely got the wrong person! Anyway, look at this view” referring to the audience who cheered and waved their purple penlights. Yukina told the audience they were happy to see everyone in Anisama after two years and thanked them. “A new story for Roselia may be starting…” Yukina said and asked the audience “Are you ready to devote everything to Roselia?” before going to their next song, “BRAVE JEWEL,”the opening theme song for BanG Dream! 2nd Season. The music video was also played on screen while Roselia performed.

Just when everyone thought Roselia’s stage was over, Rinko started playing the intro music to “This game,” and anisong singer Konomi Suzuki, clad in a magenta dress, joined Roselia on stage who both gave a powerful performance of the opening theme song of the anime NO GAME NO LIFE.

Suzuki moved to the center stage signaling the start of Konomi Suzuki’s solo stage and performed the upbeat “Shinri no Kagami, Tsurugi no You ni” the ending theme song of the anime Konoyo No Hate De Koi Wo Utau Shojo YU-NO(YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World). The audience chimed in as she moved rhythmically with the music. After the first song, drumbeat filled the venue and Suzuki reappeared in a blue outfit to sing another fast song “Ao no Kanata”which was used as the ending theme song for the anime Sora to Umi no Aida(Between the Sky and Sea). She encouraged the audience to clap during parts of the song and amazed the crowd with her strong vocals.

After two exhilarating songs, she introduced herself and congratulated Anisama on their 15th anniversary. She shared her own story with Anisama, the first time she performed at the event. She recalled that she was so nervous that her hands and legs were shaking and she had to ask the staff to hold her steady. “There was a time,” she continued, “the producer suddenly asked me to try playing the guitar. Anisama has allowed me to challenge new things, and I was able to make new stories and grew up in the process. Thank you very much!” The audience applauded. “However! There is something I want to say to Anisama!” she admitted. “I’ve never ridden the trolley before!” The crowd burst out laughing. “That’s why, today, I WILL MOVE CLOSE TO WHERE YOU ARE! KONOMI SUZUKI WILL DASH!!!” she shouted and ran to the side of the stage.

The whole venue lit up and “DAYS of DASH”started playing. Suzuki performed lively while waving to the audience as the trolley passed by their seats. The song was used as the ending theme song of the anime Sakura-sō no Petto na Kanojo(The Pet Girl of Sakurasou).The crowd sang along the lines “DAYS of DASH” and “EYES to EYES.” Suzuki was all smiles until the end of her performance and bid the crowd goodbye.

A video featuring the members of pop band fhána started playing on the screen with the title “Anisama x fhána STORIES 15th Anniversary Special Live.” fhána is composed of Junichi Sato on keyboards and vocals, yuxuki waga on guitar, kevin mitsunaga on sampler and metallophone and towana on vocals. Background music played while the members took their positions on stage. The spotlight was put on towana as she sang the first lines of “divine intervention”in acapella. The song is the group’s third single and was used as the opening theme song for the anime Witchcraft Workswhich was aired in 2014. “Let me hear your voice!” shouted towana as she encouraged the audience to sing along.

Towana introduced the next song by saying “Let’s all chu chu yeah!” and the crowd shouted in glee. The screams got louder as i☆Ris, Rikako Aida, Sayaka Sasaki, Mai Fuchigami, Kaori Ishihara, Miku Ito, Animelo Summer Princess from Princess Connect! Re:Dive, Roselia, Kemono Friends and Wooser from Ūsā no Sono-hi-gurashi (Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life), collectively known as Anisama Friends, joined fhána on stage in performing “Aozora no Rhapsody,”the opening theme song of the anime Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid). Ayana Taketatsu also made an appearance in the special video named “Café de fhána.”

After their performance of “Aozora no Rhapsody,” towana spoke to the audience. “We are really happy we could perform this song in front of everyone who made it more lively. It is thanks to the wonderful anime Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragonthat this song became very special for us,” her voice breaking. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragonwas made by the studio Kyoto Animation, which met a tragic fate on July 18, 2019 when an arson attack killed at least 36 people. “We, music creators,” towana resumed in a quiet voice, “and anime creators, proceed and make our own stories to come up with pieces of work. Heart and soul is poured into these works; that is why we will strive to make music and pass on that passion. We hope you will always love those pieces of work,” she finished, receiving applause from the audience.

towana introduced their next song, a cover of “Kimi wa Kaeru Basho,” the second ending theme song of the anime Kemono Friends 2. The song was originally composed by Junichi Sato and sung by Gothic×Luck, a duo composed of voice actresses Mashiro Yagi and Madoka Kan. The audience was in for a treat when Gothic×Luck themselves joined fhána on stage. towana and Gothic×Luckmesmerized the audience as they sang and danced in front of a sea of green and blue lights.

“We dedicate this song to all the creators and the people who love their work,” said Sato as his voice resonated in the venue. The band gave an earnest performance of their final song, “Boku wo Mitsukete” which was used as the ending theme song to the anime Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyōchū](The Ones Within) with the string ensemble. The crowd applauded and the group left the stage.

It was time for the final group to perform and strong lights and sounds filled Saitama Super Arena as the four women of Sphere took the stage clad in dresses of their image colors. Sphere is a pop female group composed of voice actresses Haruka Tomatsu, who was dressed in orange, Minako Kotobuki in purple, Ayahi Takagaki in pink and Aki Toyosaki in green. The crowd cheered and moved together with the group as they sang and danced to “MOON SIGNAL,”the group’s sixth single which was used as the opening theme song for the animeOtome Yōkai Zakuro(Maiden Spirit Zakuro) aired in 2010. 

Without missing a beat, the group proceeded with their next song, “Music Power→!!!!”the lead track of the 10th anniversary album, 10s. Videos of the group’s past appearances in Anisama were played on the screen, starting with their performances in 2010, followed by those in 2013, 2015 and 2017. Compared to the greenhorns on screen, one could see the members have matured into the beautiful strong women performing on stage. 

The members introduced themselves one by one after their second song. They congratulated Anisama on its 15th anniversary and thanked everyone for their support as the group was also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. “We are very happy to be able to stand on Anisama’s stage once again,” said Tomatsu. “More importantly, this year we are... THE TORI!!!” Sphere said excitedly, “tori” referring to the final, usually the main act of a music festival. “Special mention to Takagaki, who just got married the other day!” and the audience threw congratulatory wishes to Takagaki. The members then talked about their Anisama story; their first appearance having a huge impact on them as the audience warmly received them nine years ago, “and that has become an important page in our story.”

The group promoted their upcoming live tour in September starting in Osaka, as well as their new single “Sign,” which will be used as the ending theme for the second season of the TV series Ultraman Taiga.  They also promoted their upcoming TV series, Gekidan Spherewhich will air on TOKYO MX1 starting October 16. The members said it would be their first time to do a TV drama and would be working with different people so they asked the audience to look forward to it.

“For our next song,” said the members, “we wanted everyone to feel Sphere’s story with Anisama through our performance so we will be singing the very first song we sang on Anisama’s stage. We will never forget the view then. It is because of that experience that we are here are now.” The music of “Now loading...SKY!!” played and the audience clapped and danced to the disco pop music.  The song served as the ending theme song of the anime Asobi ni Iku Yo!(Cat Planet Cuties). 

Sphere performed their final song “LET・ME・DO!!” with much energy and the venue turned into one as they sang along to the theme song of the group’s TV series Sphere Club. The members rode the trolleys and went around the arena. They waved to the audience as they encouraged them to sing with them. They went back to the stage to do their final pose and did a final jump before the music ended. They thanked everyone and left the stage.

All the artists for Day 1 appeared one by one and gave their final remarks as the audience cheered them. They thanked the audience and some remarked that they would never forget this day. Some of the performers also wished this day would become an important part of the audience’s individual stories. They gathered on stage and sang this year’s theme song, “CROSSING STORIES.”The energy of the crowd remained high as the audience clapped and sang along while the lyrics were shown on screen. The artists introduced the members of the Anisama band “The Rolling Stories” and went to the center stage to wave the audience goodbye. They joined hands and made one final bow, signaling the end of Day 1 of Anisama.

August 30 (Fri) Setlist:

  1. Youkoso Japari Park e (Kemono Friends x i☆RiSphere)
  2. Notteke! Japari Beat (Kemono Friends with Masayoshi Oishi)
  3. Ke・mo・no・da・mo・no (Kemono Friends with Masayoshi Oishi)
  4. Shocking Blue (Miku Ito)
  5. Hirameki Heartbeat (Miku Ito)
  6. Ray Rule (Kaori Ishihara)
  7. TEMPEST (Kaori Ishihara)
  8. Grand symphony (Sayaka Sasaki)
  9. Ankou Odori (Sayaka Sasaki)
  10. High-Flying Future!!  (Sayaka Sasaki)
  11. Enter Enter MISSION! (Sayaka Sasaki x Mai Fuchigami)
  12. BLACK CAT (Mai Fuchigami)
  13. Lost Princess (Animelo Summer Princesses from Princess Connect! Re:Dive)
  14. Connecting Happy!!  (Animelo Summer Princesses from Princess Connect! Re:Dive)
  15. Genkai Toppa × Survivor (Kiyoshi Hikawa)
  16. TOUGH BOY  (Kiyoshi Hikawa)
  17. TRY UNITE! (Megumi Nakajima x Kaori Ishihara)
  18. ORDINARY LOVE (Rikako Aida)
  19. Aoi Tori (M@STER VERSION) (Chihaya Kisaragi feat. Pianist Koushaku)
  20. GLORY! (Suzuko Mimori x Masayoshi Oishi)
  21. Fattoshite tougenkyo (Suzuko Mimori x Kaori Ishihara)
  22. Dokidokidokidoki Tokimekiss♡ (Yu Serizawa♡→Suzuko Mimori←♡Yuka Otsubo)
  23. Yuniba Page (Suzuko Mimori x Mai Fuchigami)
  24. Aitai yo... Aitai yo! (Suzuko Mimori)
  25. Rakuen Toshi (Masayoshi Oishi)
  26. Otomodachi Film (Masayoshi Oishi x Ayaka Ohashi)
  27. forget-me-not (ReoNa)
  28. Niji no Kanata ni (ReoNa)
  29. Gensoukyoku WONDERLAND (i☆Ris)
  30. Endless Notes (i☆Ris)
  31. Ultimate☆MAGIC (i☆Ris)
  32. Watashi no Sekai (Megumi Nakajima)
  33. Bitter Sweet Harmony (Megumi Nakajima)
  34. Love Dramatic (Masayuki Suzuki feat. Sphere)
  35. Chigau, sou janai (Masayuki Suzuki feat. Sphere)
  36. Me-Gumi no Hito  (Masayuki Suzuki feat. Sphere)
  37. LOUDER (Roselia)
  38. BLACK SHOUT (Roselia)
  39. BRAVE JEWEL (Roselia)
  40. This game (Roselia feat. KONOMI SUZUKI)
  41. Shinri no Kagami, Tsurugi no You ni (Konomi Suzuki)
  42. Ao no Kanata (Konomi Suzuki)
  43. DAYS of DASH (Konomi Suzuki)
  44. divine intervention (fhána)
  45. Aozora no Rhapsody (fhána)
  46. Kimi wa Kaeru Basho (fhána)
  47. Boku wo Mitsukete (fhána)
  48. MOON SIGNAL (Sphere)
  49. Music Power→!!!! (Sphere)
  50. Now loading...SKY!!  (Sphere)
  51. LET・ME・DO!! (Sphere)
  52. CROSSING STORIES (Anisama 2019 Artists)

Written by Gladys Angala

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