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[Live Report] Animelo Summer Live 2019 – STORY – Day 1 Part.3


The second half of Anisama started with a video of the police who are looking for a man named Oishi, inducing roars from the audience. Masayoshi Oishi then appeared on stage wearing a green suit with his guitar and started playing “Rakuen Toshi,” the opening theme song of the ongoing TV anime series Cop Craft.He introduced himself after performing, and jokingly said, “GO HOME! The quality and cheers change to the moment Masayoshi Oishi takes on the stage.” The audience laughed as he continued, “I’m Mayayoshi Oishi, not Oh My Goshi Goshi (a brand of rust remover in Japan). Please remember my name.” 

Oishi took a moment to appreciate the stage set of this year’s Anisama, an imitation of Greece’s Parthenon with the logo of STORY at the center and the Anisama logos for the past 14 years adorning the metopes around it. “We perform on this stage with 14 years of stories behind us, and will continue to make new stories today so let’s all have fun!” he said hyping up the crowd.

A video similar to Mimori’s introduction video started playing and revealed the second secret act that night, Ayaka Ohashi (stylized in the katanaka as オーハシアヤカ, similar to Oishi’s オーイシマサヨシ). The two sang and danced to “Otomodachi Film,”the opening song to the animeTada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai(Tada Never Falls in Love). The audience chanted along the song and cheered as the two left the stage, a fitting opening performance for the second half of Anisama.

The lights focused on the rear part of the arena where songstress ReoNa, who debuted in 2018 as the singing voice of Elsa Kanzaki in the anime series Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. She asked everyone in a quiet voice if they were having fun. She introduced her first song, "forget-me-not,"the second ending theme song of the anime series Sword Art Online: Alicizationand encouraged everyone to listen to every single word of the song, and said “I hope, after this song, you will remember the flower that has bloomed.” She is enveloped in blue lights as she gave a heartfelt performance of the acoustic version of the song.

After "forget-me-not," ReoNa told the audience, “I have one more song. We may part ways, but our memories will always be here,” and proceeded to sing “Niji no Kanata ni,"which was used as the ending theme for episode 19 of anime series Sword Art Online: Alicization.The audience solemnly watched as they waved their penlights. After a very emotional performance, ReoNa bid the audience farewell with “Ja na!” (See ya!).

“Gensoukyoku WONDERLAND”started playing and the audience roared as the girls of i☆Ris took the stage. The song was used as the ending theme song for the TBS show Rank Oukokuin December 2013 until January 2014. The audience energetically clapped and chimed in during parts of the song. The video on screen was synchronized with the movements of the members as well, giving that feeling of being in a magical world with the girls. They ended the song with the line “Don’t you dare miss i☆Ris’ story!”

After the song, the members introduced themselves one by one, putting emphasis on their image colors: Saki Yamakita, the leader whose image color is green, Yu Serizawa, whose image color is blue, Himika Akaneya, purple, Yuki Wakai, red, Miyu Kubota, orange, and Azuki Shibuya, yellow. The audience enthusiastically changed the colors of their penlights to the image color of the member introducing herself.

This is the sixth time for i☆Ris to appear in Anisama, and the members mentioned that they didn’t want to leave an impression that they were just a bubbly group for the people seeing them for the first time in Anisama. They also wanted to show their mature side so they sang “Endless Notes,” the ending theme song of the anime Grimms Notes The Animation. The screen showed scenes from the original music video overlapping with the feed from their live performance. 

Their final song was the upbeat “Ultimate☆MAGIC,the opening theme song of the anime Kenja no Mago(Wise Man's Grandchild). The girls worked up the crowd as they sang and danced at the center stage while scenes from the anime played on the screen behind them. They thanked the audience as they left the stage.

Next to perform was Megumi Nakajima, wearing a floral dress who sang her first song “Watashi no Sekai,”the ending theme song of the anime Fuukaaired in 2016.The song also happened to be the first single to be released after her comeback from a three-year hiatus. Scenes from the anime played on screen while she performed. She introduced herself and told the audience she was grateful to be invited to perform in Anisama for two years in a row and that she was happy to be able to spend summer with everyone. She noted that 2019 is her 10th anniversary as a solo artist and promoted her best album “30 pieces of love,” her latest single “Bitter Sweet Harmony,” as well as another single “Suisou” that will be released in autumn, roughly one year since her last release. “Suisou” will be used as the opening theme song for the upcoming anime series Hoshiai no Sora.She said another story of Megumi Nakajima will start in autumn, admitting “I wanted to say the word ‘story’ no matter what” while laughing. She hoped that everyone will keep her story in their hearts. Nakajima then performed “Bitter Sweet Harmony,”the opening theme song of the anime Sunohara-sō no Kanrinin-san(Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou). The song was composed by musician kz (livetune). The audience clapped along as Nakajima sang and moved to the bubbly beat of the song. Images similar to her music video played on the large screen.

Up next is veteran musician, Masayuki Suzuki. The four members of Sphere dressed in white served as backup singers for the King of Love Songs. Together they sang“Love Dramatic,”the opening song of the anime Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - Tensai-tachi no Ren'ai Zunōsen(Kaguya-sama: Love Is War). After introducing himself as the big time newbie in the anisong industry, he introduced “his senpais and the queens of the anisong industry,” the members of Sphere. He asked who among the audience was seeing him live for the first time and most of the crowd responded. “I’m having mixed feelings from that reaction,” he joked.

He then gave the audience a briefer on his personal life and career, “I was born in Ota Ward, you know, Tokyo’s Bay Area. I was part of the first blackface pop group Chanels who sang “Runaway”” and proceeded to sing a few lines of the song, making the skin of everyone in the venue crawl; it was a big hit back in the 80s and sold over a million copies. In 1983, they changed their name to Rats & Star and released "Me-Gumi no Hito," and he again sang a few lines ending with the “me!” response from the audience. In 1986, Suzuki debuted as a solo artist and sang the chorus part of his debut song “Glass goshi ni kieta natsu” and the audience cheered. “This year is my 39th year singing love songs.” The cheers became louder. Sphere stayed on stage and they performed a medley of “Chigau, sou janai,”Suzuki’s 17th single released in 1994, and "Me-Gumi no Hito.” Suzuki and Sphere moved to the center stage singing and dancing as the audience sang along. Suzuki thanked the audience and exited the stage.

Next: Animelo Summer Live 2019 live report Part.4 will be published on 11 November, 2019!


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