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[Live Report] GARNiDELiA stellacage Asia Tour 2019 "Kyokiranbu" at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka


Popular duo GARNiDELiA started their stellacage Asia Tour 2019 “Kyokiranbu” (響喜乱舞) on March 21, 2019 at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan. This is the first of 13 shows to be held in Osaka, Hokkaido, Aichi, Fukuoka, Saitama within Japan as well as in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, with the tour considered as their biggest yet.

GARNiDELiA is composed of vocalist MARiA and composer toku on keyboard. They debuted in 2014, and are popular for performing songs for anime such as Kill la Kill, The Irregular at Magic High School and Fate/Apocrypha. The title “Kyokiranbu” is derived from the album with the same name with songs released in their “Odocchattemita” (“踊っちゃってみた” meaning “Tried to dance” in Japanese) dance video series.

Faithful to the traditional Japanese feel of the album, the stage is decorated with Japanese lanterns and umbrellas. The music started and the audience cheered. The band members appeared first followed by toku, wearing a blue kimono with golden patterns. The dancers appeared next followed by MARiA, who was wearing a blue Japanese kimono-style dress that matched toku’s. They performed the album’s title track Kyokiranbu, using Japanese blue fans as props, while the audience waved their blue lightsticks.

Aside from performing songs from the album, they also performed songs from their third album G.R.N.D, the second album Violet Cry as well as EP’s B-side track. MARiA and the dancers showed off cool dance moves, while the audience clapped and chimed in to the lyrics of some of the songs.

MARiA and toku introduced themselves and thanked everyone for coming to the first leg of their Asian tour this year. They encouraged everyone to sing, dance and have fun, exactly as the tour name “Kyokiranbu” suggests. They also welcomed first-timers to their concert and hoped old fans would be good role models to them.

They performed Yakusoku – Promise code –, the second ending theme song of the anime Qualidea Code. The audience chimed in parts of the song, with their lightsticks in red and blue colors. It was a good opening for their next series of songs as the audience got more excited to see and hear more from the duo.

MARiA and the dancers used Japanese umbrellas as props while dancing to one of the songs, Kureha Itoshiuta (紅葉愛唄), which was used as one of the theme songs in the Chinese app game Wangzhe Rongyao (王者栄耀).

MARiA also performed one of their ballad songs, appearing on stage left with an umbrella, wearing a white translucent robe over her dress. She slowly danced to the song while the audience intently watched. The umbrellas on stage lit up in red and blue colors to match the mood of the song.

The eighth song was another ballad song MIRAI, the ending song of the anime Gunslinger Stratos. Orange and pink spotlights were on MARiA as her strong vocals resonated along the walls of the hall.

They also performed their newly released single, with the dancers waving blue flags as props. MARiA changed outfits mid-song to a gold and purple kimono.

Error, the opening song to the anime Beatless, was also performed. The audience clapped in time to the beat of the song and waved their blue and white lightsticks as MARiA and the dancers entertained them with the solo dance parts.

The series of songs paused and MARiA asked the audience if they’re having fun. They mentioned that they just celebrated their fifth year since their debut and that they entered their sixth year. They expressed their strong passion for what they do by not allowing it to end yet. They said they wanted to show their fans more sights and that they believe in them.

They also performed grilletto, the opening theme to The Irregular at Magic High School, and the energy of the fans turned up a notch higher. They were singing and clapping to the song while MARiA and the dancers made shooting gestures with their hands to match the lines of the song.

Continuing with the gun theme, they performed the theme song of the Chinese web anime Gun Girl (銃娘). The audience waved their blue lightsticks while the band members had their solo performances. The song ended with MARiA and the dancers making gun poses.

It is with this high energy that GARNiDELiA did their final song. toku came down to join MARiA on the stage with his shoulder keyboard while the audience sang and jumped to the song. MARiA and toku performed on each side of the stage and switched places to signal the finale of the concert. The whole hall was lit up and GARNiDELiA thanked their fans for coming and they left the stage.

The audience started to ask for an encore and after a few minutes, the band members and dancers came back to the stage wearing the tour T-shirts while MARiA was wearing the black long-sleeved tour shirt and toku the white one. They thanked the audience for the encore call and encouraged the fans to dance more.

For their encore songs they performed songs from the Kyokiranbu album. The fans were singing and dancing to the song with so much energy, it didn’t seem like they were dancing for the past one hour and a half.

Before the final encore song, GARNiDELiA brought good news for their fans: they will also be performing in Taiwan in June, and announced that the final leg of their Asia tour will be in Omiya, Saitama in August. The fans screamed in enthusiasm as the duo would be coming back to Kanto area. MARiA invited everyone to see them again in August.

With the announcements of additional shows done, they introduced the very last song, the theme song of the Chinese game Onmyouji (陰陽師). MARiA mentioned that it was because of this song that they were able to do the Asia tour, and that it made them meet a lot of people and gave them many opportunities. They also considered it to be the theme of the tour itself. GARNiDELiA, the band members and the dancers gave their all in this final performance which was supported by the cheers and chimes of the audience.

After the last encore song, MARiA introduced the band members and dancers and they took a commemorative photo with the audience. They all took one final bow and the band members and dancers exited the stage. MARiA and toku waved to all of their fans before they left the stage, and the live concert ended.

Live information:

GARNiDELiA stellacage Asia Tour 2019 “Kyokiranbu”

March 21 (Thu) Tokyo: Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka
March 30 (Sun) Hong Kong: MacPherson Stadium
April 7 (Sun) Beijing: Tango Livehouse
April 13 (Sat) Singapore: Zepp@BIG BOX
May 11 (Sat) Chongqing: Impact Motion Livehouse
May 25 (Sat) Shenzhen: Shenzhen A8 Livehouse
June 1 (Sat) Taipei: Legacy Taipei
June 23 (Sun) Hokkaido: PENNY LANE 24
June 30 (Sun) Osaka: Namba Hatch
July 7 (Sun) Aichi: Diamond Hall
July 27 (Sat) Fukuoka: DRUM LOGOS
August 3 (Sat) Saitama: Omiya Sonic City

GARNiDELiA profile / Contact Label
GARNiDELiA official website

Written by Gladys Angala

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