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[Live Report] Science Adventure Live 2018 -Singularity-


Science Adventure Live 2018 -Singularity- (科学アドベンチャーライブ2018 -SINGULARITY-) took place at Nakano Sunplaza. This concert’s theme is based on the Science Adventure series of games originally designed by Chiyomaru Shikura.

The performers of this event are these 10 groups consisting of Asaka, Asami Imai, Ayane, Enako, Eri Sasaki, Phantasm’s vocal FES (VA: Yui Sakakibara), Junjo no Afilia, Kanako Ito, Konomi Suzuki and Zwei.

Before the concert began, there was narration by Amadeus Kurisu Makise (VA: Asami Imai) asking the fans to partake in a vocal practice by shouting “Chiyomaru nyan-nyan”, to excite the crowd.

As the concert began, scenes from ANONYMOUS;CODE started playing on the monitor, ending with an explosion with what seems to be a Time Machine crashing on to a location similar to the actual location of the Nakano Sunplaza concert hall.

As the explosion rung through the hall the first song began, starting off with Science Adventure series veteran Kanako Ito performing Singularity, which also happens to be the theme of this year’s concert. She continues with the opening theme of the animation version of CHAOS;HEAD, F.D.D., exciting the crowd with cheers of happiness. While both songs were performed, scenes of the respective game and animation were being played on the monitor.

Kanako Ito

Following up is a guitar solo by Konomi Suzuki with both members of Zwei joining her on stage shortly after to perform the theme song for the TV animation of ROBOTICS;NOTES, Junjo Spectra. Of note is vocalist Ayumu doing a sliding kick halfway into the second verse, to the excitement of the crowd. As Konomi leaves the stage, Zwei continues with Kakucho Place, the opening theme of the game version of ROBOTICS;NOTES. As per the norm of Zwei, this time Ayumu joins the crowd’s calls by doing her own by kicking he right leg into the air.

Konomi Suzuki & Zwei

After the performance, the voice of Daru (VA: Tomokazu Seki), he announces that they will be performing a song for the very first time. The promotion song of ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH, Tu Ru Tu Ru Dance begins with the characters Akiho Senomiya (VA: Yoshino Nanjo) and Junna Daitoku (VA: Sora Tokui) dancing along while on stage the official cosplayer of the Science Adventure series Enako in the cosplay of Akiho Senomiya shows off her cute dance. Halfway through, Frau Koujiro (VA: Kaori Nazuka) and Daru joins the other two members.


Continuing on with the ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH segment, Konomi Suzuki returns to the stage, and begins to perform another new song from the series titled aNubis. While she performs, a PV of the robot Gunvarrel, the titular robot that appears in a TV series in the game, along with the lyrics is played on screen. This song feels like a very classic super robot theme song fitting of the heroic robot.

Konomi Suzuki

Ending off the ROBOTICS;NOTES corner once again is Kanako Ito with Topology, a very slow melodic song that brings the very fiery crowd to a standstill.

At this point of the concert, the PV of ANONYMOUS;CODE is shown once again, this time with a slight change with the word “Amadeus” from the STEINS;GATE 0 series appearing.

Once the PV video ended, Junjo no Afilia takes the stage with two songs, Kindan Muteki no Darling (long ver.) and La*La*La*Labolution. Being an idol group, their style of music is quite distinctive to most of what has been performed up till now, giving off a happy poppy feel with their synchronized dancing true to their idol nature which gets their hardcore idol fans excited.

Junjo no Afilia

Taking the stage after Afilia was Ayane. She begins with the opening of the PS Vita version of STEINS;GATE Linear Bounded Phenogram, Kaiko no Phetaritette. She follows up with a performance from the special guest series, Memories Off. She begins with the opening theme of the most recent game in the series, Resilience from Memories Off -Innocent Fille-, and following that a medley of ORANGE, After Rain, ribbon, Eien no Memories and Romancing Story much to the pleasure of the crowd.


Asaka takes the stage here to perform her debut single, Open your eyes, the ending theme of the TV animation for Occultic;Nine, and following that she joins as a guest vocal with Zwei to show off a powerful performance of Suuki naru Factor.


We enter the STEINS;GATE section at this point where the opening and ending themes of STEINS;GATE 0 was performed, starting with LAST GAME by Zwei and Fatima by Kanako Ito. After her performance of Fatima, Kanako Ito calls upon the voice actress of Kurisu Makise, Asami Imai to join her on stage to perform a special rendition of Amadeus in front of a roaring audience. Following shortly after, Asami Imai performs Words of GRACE ~Fuyu no Dahlia~ which while is not a song from the Steins;Gate series but she performs it with the feelings of Rintaro Okabe with the timeline of Steins;Gate Zero.

Asami Imai & Kanako Ito

Shortly after, Eri Sasaki performs GATE OF STEINER, Kanako Ito performs Hacking to the Gate and she finishes off the STEINS;GATE corner with a solid rendition of Another Heaven.

Eri Sasaki

At this point, the second guest collaboration series corner begins with Asaka and Junjo no Afilia performing the opening theme of TV Animation Laid-Back Camp, SHINY DAYS, asking the crowd to join them in the last chorus and following up with Eri Sasaki doing an acoustic cover of the ending theme, Fuyubiyori along with the composer of the song on the guitar warming the hearts of fans in the hall.

Asaka & Junjo no Afilia

It is at this point where Phantasm’s vocalist FES (VA: Yui Sakakibara) finally makes her appearance on stage. She performs three powerful songs, starting with Mikkyo no Kubikazari, and following with Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku and Unmei no Farfalla to a rousing applause, firing the crowd much louder than before.


With the crowd at an all time high, Konomi Suzuki takes over and performs Chaos Syndrome, which was the ending theme of CHAOS;CHILD, almost literally setting the hall ablaze with the strength of her vocals.

We finish off the main setlist once again with Kanako Ito performing the song that begun it all with the opening theme from CHAOS;HEAD, Find the blue.

But the concert is not over! Answering the encore of “Sono me, dare no me”, FES returns to the stage and performs Haritsuke no Misa. And finally to end off the concert, every performer takes the stage to perform arguably the most iconic song of the series, Skyclad no Kansokusha, ending the concert.

Setlist for Science Adventure Live 2018 -Singularity-!

1. Singularity (Kanako Ito) - Game [CHAOS;HEAD] Opening Theme

2. F.D.D (Kanako Ito) - TV Animation [CHAOS;HEAD] Opening Theme

3. Junjo Spectra (Zwei & Konomi Suzuki) - TV Animation [ROBOTICS;NOTES] First Half Opening Theme

4. Kakucho Place (Zwei) - Game [ROBOTICS;NOTES] Opening Theme

5. Tu Ru Tu Ru Dance (Akiho, Junna, Daru & Frau feat. Enako) Game [ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH] Promotion Song

6. aNubis (Konomi Suzuki) - Game [ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH] Insert Song

7. Topology (Kanako Ito) - TV Animation [ROBOTICS;NOTES] Ending Theme

8. Kindan Muteki no Darling (long ver.) (Junjo no Afilia) - PS3/PSP [STEINS;GATE Darling of Loving Vows] Opening Theme

9. La*La*La*Labolution (Junjo no Afilia) - Xbox 360 [STEINS;GATE Darling of Loving Vows] Opening Theme

10. Kaiko no Phetaritette (Ayane) - PS Vita [STEINS;GATE Linear Bounded Phenogram] Opening Theme

11. Resilience (Ayane) - Game [Memories Off -Innocent Fille-] Opening Theme

12. Memories Off Medley (ORANGE~After Rain~ribbon~Eien no Memories~Romancing Story) (Ayane)

13. Open your eyes (Asaka) - TV Animation [Occultic;Nine] Ending Theme

14. Suuki naru Factor (Zwei & Asaka) - Game [OCCULTIC;NINE] Ending Theme

15. LAST GAME (Zwei) - TV Animation [STEINS;GATE 0] Ending Theme

16. Fatima (Kanako Ito) - TV Animation [STEINS;GATE 0] Opening Theme

17. Amadeus (Kanako Ito & Asami Imai) - Game [STEINS;GATE 0] Opening Theme

18. Words of Grace ~Fuyu no Dahlia~ (Asami Imai)

19. GATE OF STEINER (Eri Sasaki) - Game [STEINS;GATE 0] Opening Theme

20. Hacking to the Gate (Kanako Ito) - TV Animation [STEINS;GATE] Opening Theme

21. Another Heaven (Kanako Ito) - Game [STEINS;GATE] Ending Theme

22. SHINY DAYS (Asaka & Junjo no Afilia) - TV Animation [Laid-Back Camp] Opening Theme

23. Fuyubiyori (Eri Sasaki) - TV Animation [Laid-Back Camp] Ending Theme

24. Mikkyo no Kubikazari (Phantasm (FES VA: Yui Sakakibara)) - Game [CHAOS;HEAD NOAH] Insert Song

25. Toki Tsukasadoru juuni no Meiyaku (Phantasm (FES VA: Yui Sakakibara)) - TV Animation [STEINS;GATE] Ending Theme

26. Unmei no Farfalla (Phantasm (FES VA: Yui Sakakibara)) - Game [STEINS;GATE] Ending Theme

27. Chaos Syndrome (Konomi Suzuki) - TV Animation [CHAOS;CHILD] Ending Theme

28. Find the blue (Kanako Ito) - Game [CHAOS;HEAD] Opening Theme


1. Haritsuke no Misa (Phantasm (FES VA: Yui Sakakibara)) - TV Animation [CHAOS;HEAD] Insert Song

2. Skyclad no Kansokusha (All) - Game [STEINS;GATE] Opening Theme

Written by Ash

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