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[New Artist added]
Yumi Matsuzawa | MAGES.Inc./5pb.Records


Yumi Matsuzawa

Yumi Matsuzawa,松澤由美

In October 1996, she made her first debut with the opening theme of the anime "Battleship Nadeshico" titled "YOU GET TO BURNING" (King Records · Oricon rankings 9th place first appearance). After she made a contract with Warner Music / East West Label, she released three single CDs , “OTOHA~音波~””earth song~大地の詩~”and “Kokoro”~ココロ~”, which were produced by Hironobu ASAMOTO. At the same time, she started songwriting and composition activities.

In January 2003, she was in charge of not only singing but also songwriting and composition as "Chikyūgi" ~地球ぎ~/"Kimi to Onaji Aozora" ~君と同じ青空~ , which are the theme and ending songs of “Saint Seiya~Chapter Sanctuary Meiō Hādesu Jyūnikyū Hen ~”
This was the first time that a lady singer charged to sing its theme song. As a result, it succeeded, "Takusu Mono e: My Dear" the ending song of “Saint Seiya ~Meiō Hādesu Meiō Hen ” was also released in 2006.

In February 2007, 10th Anniversary BEST CD ”Ashi ato ~あしあと~” was released by KING RECORDS.

“Anime Songs for Animation”… her spirit is concentrated her songs and works as a songwriter, and works which are promoted to other artists or vocal actors are favorably received. Also, as one of the compilation for her activities in foreign countries, she released the works which were collaborated with a composer Seiji YOKOYAMA in France in 2008. Since then she went ahead with many live concerts in Brazil, Mexico and so on.

In 2012, New CD named ”Serebu Nito ” was released. This song was the main theme of the movie “Musashino Line Sisters ”, which has been sold more than 150,000 comic books, and this song was written new by her own. A mixer Mr. Alan Branch and an editor Mr. Tosh MASUDA came together and they finished to make the work with many topics.

In private life, Yumi is a mother, who has three children, so she has begun to perform many concerts for mothers and babies, and also released the CD “Ouchi Music Series vol. 1,2 ”. She works many fields as not only an anime song’s singer but also a Mama artist . 

In 2015, she joined the recording songs for Kids, titled ” Gojuon ~五十音~””Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Hana no Uta ~はるなつあきふゆ花のうた~” ” Koto koto Wazawaza2~コトコトわざわざ2~” ; they are contained the CD “Anki MAX Hyper ~暗記マックスハイパー~”.
She joined to produce the image song of PS Vita’s soft “Moshi Kono Sekai ni Kamisama ga Iru to Suru naaraba ~If there were God in the wolrd.~ ” as Orhee-yumi×lasah ( on February 25th, 2016 released.)
And she performed at KING SUPER LIVE2015, held in Saitama Super Arena on June 20th and 21st.

In September 2016, she planed and produced the Live stage “Oyako (parents and children) Jazz Live” for theChild-rearing generation as one of the 70th anniversary events for Minato ward, Tokyo.
And in October 2016, she started to widen her sphere of activities both domestic and foreign areas because this year is the 20th anniversary year for her as the debut of “Battleship Nadeshico”.

In 2017, she performed at the event of Tencent in Chengdu, China. In addition, it is decided to sing the main theme song for the game which will be released by Tencent in the spring 2018.
She is active not only in Japan but also for overseas.

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