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Anime Key Player Interview #7
Mr. Ryo Majima, LisAni! LIVE producer/Editor in chief LisAni!, Part. 2


You started working for LisAni!after that?

Yes, I started working there after I worked for 2-3 LisAni!magazines. LisAni!isn’t just a magazine, we do media and events and have Sony Music backing us up. I was really good at selling things since I worked in that field at Tower Records for so long. LisAni!did a lot of different things besides just writing columns, and that’s why they asked me if I wanted to work together with them.

What kind of contents and business do LisAni!take care of?

We do multimedia business. LisAni!stands for “Listen to Animated Music.” We do magazine publishing which is to tell users and readers the greatness of anime music. We do magazines, TV programs, web, live (events), but the main focus is anime music.

What are you in charge of at LisAni!?

I am the chief editor, but I basically take care of everything LisAni!does.  Chief editor sounds like it’s only for publication companies but my job is more like a producer. For magazines, I think of who should be on the cover of the magazine and the contents. For concerts, I book the artists and produce the concert in general. Of course there are directors for the events too. I am just part of everything LisAni!does. I deal with so much one time I felt like the white part of my eye almost ripped (laugh.)

It seems like there’s no time to look at everything that’s happening.

Yes, definitely. But we have a great team. Surprisingly we don’t have a lot of people though. There are about 6 of us.

6 people takes care of the magazine, TV programs, web, and events?

Yes, but there are people outside our team that helps us too. For TV programs we have other companies help out. Same for concerts.

What are the popular contents of LisAni!?

For magazines we have an extra issue every three months. For example, the extra issue would be a whole book about THE IDOLM@STER. We have pin ups of artists too, but we also did a review of every song. We release contents like that 2-3 times a year. That seems to be really popular. We released a book on Love Live μ'slast book and that sold a lot.

That’s amazing and of course fans would want to buy a book if it’s all about their favorite anime.

The last extra issue we released was for THE IDOLM@STER Million Live. We interviewed the whole cast and it ended up being 2 issues. We had interviews, pin-ups and reviews. We also had a TV poll of who will be the LisAni!girl and Shuka Saito won the poll and graced the cover for one of the magazines.

That’s really interesting.

Yes, everything kind of connects to each other.

What time does the TV program air?

We have a new time now, but it used to be every Saturday evening.
The most popular content is the “LisAni!Live” concert that we have at Nippon Budokan once a year. We have it at the end of January.

We have also just announced this year’s performing artists.

We started in 2010 and it is now our 9th year anniversary.



How do you choose which artist to book?

The concept of the event is to have a band for every song. We don’t use karaoke tracks. The artists also have longer performance time than most music festivals. The audience can enjoy the performance like an actual concert for that one artist. Even the shortest performance for one artist is about 20-25 minutes. That’s why we don’t have as many artists performing. It’s probably 7-8 artists in a total of 4 hours. We differ from other events in that we have a lot of performance time for each artist and we don’t use anime footage in our event. Of course visuals are important too but we believe that listening through our ears is important as well. That is the concept we came up with from the very beginning and still holding onto now.

That’s really nice. I like how there are no karaoke tracks.

Yes, there are actual bands that play, and we also have a “LisAni!band.” They are actually quite popular. The bandmaster is Katsuhiko Kurosu who is famous composer, arranger, bassist.

So people who are involved in the anisong business is part of the “LisAni!band?”

Yes, that’s how it turned out. Everyone work for the musical business to begin with but there are people who became popular through the band too. I started 5 years ago, LiSA, Aoi Eir, fripSide etc. So when we book artists, we book them according to animes they sang for that year and mainly focus on how they perform live.


What do you feel is the most important aspect of LisAni!?

We do publishing related to music so I believe music is the most important aspect of LisAni!. We publish our magazine related to music and the importance of anime comes right after that. We really focus on songwriters, lyricists, producers, and creators for music.

What do you think customers favor most in “LisAni!Live” events? What helps with the popularity of the event?

The concert ticket has always sold out every year and when I joined 5 years ago the official goods started to sell well as well. We talked it over with our team and realized that the event was becoming more of a brand. People started recognizing the name more. I also think that a lot of events take place at a certain time. 

Animelo Summer Live is an event in the summer and we have ours in January. People see us as the first music event of the year. That might be another reason why many people attend. I’m very thankful that people consider LisAni!as one of the 3 big events along with Animelo Summer Live and ANIMAX MUSIX .

What is the hardest part of managing the event?

Everything in general can get complicated but booking artists is the hardest and that probably goes to all events.

When do you start booking artists?

Our event finishes in January and we start planning around February to March. We start calling and booking around Spring. . Our main job is not only concerts, so we don’t plan it out the whole year.

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming event?

Yes, this year will also be a 3-day event. This is our 3rd time doing a 3-day event and it will start on Friday and end on Sunday. We actually have something interesting we will do but in general, we don’t really have surprises or add more artists. Once we announce the lineup there won’t be any additional lineup. The only thing we don’t announce is the order that the artists will perform in. A lot of events book artists that performed throughout the year, but we actually have lineups for the next upcoming artists too. We want people to hear newcomers and upcoming artists.

So it’s an event where you can listen to new music too.

Yes, that right. I’m pretty sure customers come for a certain artist but at the same time they can watch new artists perform too. That’s another advantage we have compared to a one-person concert. Maybe if they like the artist they were introduced to in our event, they can go to their concert and tours afterwards. We help out artists that perform in our event in that sense.

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