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Anime Key Player Interview #7
Mr. Ryo Majima, LisAni! LIVE producer/Editor in chief LisAni!, Part. 3


I see that other than “LisAni!Live” there is an event called “LisAni!Night.” What kind of event is that?

There’s something called “Ani-club” right now and it’s basically an event where a DJ plays anime music. There are DJ’s who plays a song one after another and also DJ’s who mix the anisongs into club music. This has been popular in the past 10 years. There’s a place in Akihabara called MOGRA and I think they are also on their 9th year too. Half the people there are foreigners. They are the one that stirred up the popularity of “Ani-club” culture. For our event, we don’t have artists performing but basically, it’s a get together for people who like anisong. There’s a lot of people who like anisong and we have those people become DJs and have customers come and jam out to music. I liked music and clubbing too and it’s a good fusion of music, anime and clubbing. It’s been really popular these days and some of the DJs are actually movie producers too.

How often do you have the event?

We have it about 1-2 times a year. We had it at a small venue, but we are expanding into something called “LisAni!Park.” We had our second event at a place called Studio Coast in Shin-Kiba in June.  It was almost like a festival. There were many stages, with different DJ’s as well as a game stage. We had a timetable for each stage. A lot of people come to the event as if it were a concert. We actually have a band play at one point too so it’s interesting.


So “Ani-club” is getting more popular now right?

It’s always been pretty popular but it’s hard sometimes because there are copyright issues. We don’t do this but if you go to a hard core “Ani-club” event people use YouTube videos of anime footage with the music playing. This is a culture that happened in the recent years and there are regulation problems regarding copyrights and problems if the event takes place late at night. 

When we use anime footages we make sure to go through all appropriate measures to obtain the rights.It’s like a festival so “LisAni!Live” is a full course meal and LisAni!Park” is an A La Carte in how there is a lot of things you can choose and enjoy on your own.

Are there any future plans?

Yes, so it’s become “LisAni!Park” now and is different from a full course meal like “LisAni!Live.” The concept is the same, but I feel like “LisAni!Park” is something for this generation because there are many genres and stages and you get to pick whichever one you want to go to. Back in the days, people liked what everyone else liked but now it’s become more diverse. People like different things and it’s become more relevant after twitter and social media came out. It made us think that maybe we don’t need media and CD’s anymore. It’s interesting because there are a lot of people that come to music events and concerts, but the CD sales are not that great. Some people who come to the concert doesn’t necessarily watch the same anime. There are a lot of different types of people so I thought that maybe if we do something different something may change. That’s why we made a “Park.” It would be great if we can do an event as big as Summer Sonic or Count Down Japan. Not as big as Fuji Rock though. Maybe something indoors like the convention hall for AnimeJapan.

That sounds fun.

So “LisAni!Night” fused with “LisAni!Park” and there’s a night stage for DJ’s too.

I heard that LisAni!had a stage in Taiwan too.

Yes, in 2016 we had an event called “LisAni!Live Taiwan.” It was a 2-day event at a hall called TICC and there were about 3000 people per day so a total of 6000.

Is the set list the same as the set list in Japan?

Actually, we have different lineups with the same concept except we don’t bring live bands overseas. Bringing a band overseas is hard.

I guess people can go to Japan and then go to Taiwan or vice versa because it is a little different.

Yes, exactly.

Was 2016 the first time you had an event outside Japan?

As a full event yes. We went for AFA once or twice back in the days.

This year we will have a 2-day show in Taipei on 12/15 and 12/16. It's been 2 years since our last show there.

We will be performing at NTU Sports Center with THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! members, Suzuko Mimori, Yuka Iguchi. Machico, with more performing artists to be announced.

Official Site: https://www.lisani.jp/live-taiwan-jp/

It seems like Taiwan is a good place to have an event.

Yes, very. The anime and anisong fans in Taiwan are somewhat similar to the fans in Japan. I guess now that there’s internet all over the world, people definitely know Naruto and Dragonball but people know a lot of anime that are airing now too. They really take in the Japanese culture, so it is a great place to perform at.

Do they like the same anime and have the same kind of passion?

Yes, they do. I believe this goes for all international fans, but they really study and know anime. It’s amazing.

Are there any hardships performing overseas?

I guess just the cultural differences. We have a TV program airing in Thailand right now called “LisAni!NAVI.” It’s culturally different and because we don’t speak the same language it’s hard to communicate.

I see. So there’s a cultural difference in every country.

I don’t know if it’s the general audience or something to do with the country, but I did realize that in Taiwan, people really like ballads. In Japan people love high paced energetic songs. So when we come up with the song list for the Taiwan event we tend to put in more ending songs and ballads. It's interesting.

Is there anything else you want to do in the future overseas?

We have various ways in introducing artists, so it would be great if we can bring new media overseas like how we do in Japan, Taiwan and Thai to other countries. I also want to do more events abroad. Different labels have different ways of approaching other countries for example, having a music festival. Since we are a multimedia company, I feel there is a different way of approaching oversea countries while introducing what is hot in our country. There are a lot of obstacles we must overcome but it would be nice to go all over Asia and then to go to other non-Asian countries.

Is there anything you want to do specifically in the future in Japan?

I want to keep the concept so we would like to keep having events at Nippon Budokan. Nippon Budokan is not really that big but it’s a sacred place to perform and to use.  This will always be part of our main concept. The Olympics will take over the Budokan in 2020 so we can’t use it for that year. We got to think about what to do but performing there is part of our identity, so we would like to continue performing at Nippon Budokan. Of course, we would like to perform outside of Japan too. I feel like it will be refreshing and new for oversea fans too. Since we were able to do it in Japan and now that the world is getting closer by internet I feel like we’re capable of doing it overseas too.

What’s your goal for the future?

Me personally!?(laugh) I guess it’s to stay healthy. It’s very important to stay fit and healthy. (Laugh)

I also want to keep doing things that I like which is working for music. I think I learned that through Tower Records.

This will be the last question. What is anisong to you?

That’s a hard question. I used to ask artists the same question knowing that it was a hard question to answer.  

Since anisong is a genre that is equal to Jpop, Rock, Jazz and Classic if I sum it up to one word I would say it is a “Standard.”

Anisong is “Standard music.” I sometimes look at anisong rankings and think that it’s nonsense because anisong is part of pop too. We are a multimedia team and we don’t create music, so we need the help of creative geniuses. If anime and the music scene is happy with LisAni!introducing them, that ultimately makes us happy.I guess in that sense I haven’t changed that much since I was working at Tower Records. It’s an expression of showing and introducing music in a cool way.


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