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Anime Key Player Interview #8
Mr.Ayu,柴轩鸿 Vice President, Bilibili, Chaodian, Part.1 


“Bilibili" is one of the Chinese iconic brands of online entertainment, and has now become the platform for discovering cultural trends and phenomena for younger generations in China. The website first launched in June 2009. Since then, Bilibili evolved from a content community inspired by anime, comics and games into a full-spectrum online entertainment world covering a wide array of genres and media formats, including videos, live broadcasting and mobile games.

One of the Bilibili’s businesses is an offline event production. "Bilibili Macro Link (BML)" and "Bilibili World" are their representative brands. In just three dates the number of mobilization for this year totaled 150,000 people: 30,000 people in BML and 120,000 people in Bilibili World.

In this interview, Mr. Ayu, the event business manager at Bilibili, talks about himself, his works, and future developments.

First of all, let’s get started with yourself. How did you spend your childhood?

I spent my childhood with little pressure. My family didn’t push me to get good grades in school, and just educated me to not do bad things.

Since your childhood, have you like anime?

Yes. I started to watch anime when I was an elementary school student, and I’ve loved anime since then.

What was the first anime and song you love?

When I was an elementary school student, I watched Slam Dunk on Chinese TV. I became a huge fan of the anime and because of that, I got into a basketball club at school (laughs)! Slam Dunk’s songs are also awesome. The most impressive one is “Sekai ga Owaru made wa...” by WANDS.

What kind of music are you listening to in your personal life?

Mostly, Anisongs (anime songs). When I open a music app, Anisongs come up on the list automatically (laughs). I also listen to music by Chinese musicians and EDM.

Do you think that your personal life experience is being utilized for your current work?

My current job completely came from my hobby. Therefore, I am doing my job by making use of my private experience.

Then please tell me about your work. How did you join Bilibili?

Before working at Bilibili, I started my own business and organized Dojin music (literary coterie music) concerts in Shanghai. Because Bilibili is originally a delivery platform, I invited Bilibili to concerts in order to have live broadcasting. At the time, Bilibili was small company with only 11 people were in the company. The Managing Director and Founder did most of their work by themselves. In the spring of 2013, one of the founders of Biribili brought me a proposal, "I would like to do a live performance event". That was the beginning of “Bilibili Macro Link (BML)” that I am currently doing.

In fact, I was on the fence at that time because my company had already had some brands of events in Shanghai. If  Bilibili makes a new brand, that means they would become our competitor. But, because I am an Otaku, and also a Bibili user from the early time, I decided to do a new event with Bilibili. And then the first BML was held at a live house, accommodating 800 people on October 5th, 2013.

At the same time, I was undertaking some productions at my own company. One of them is “PRE-EXIT TUNES ACADEMY 2013 @ Shanghai” held on October 6th. Because we operated several events in a row, I got very tired for the first time and I lost my voice (laughs)! 

Two weeks later, the founder who brought the proposal came to me for liquidate the cost, and then, he said “You have to join our company!”. At first, I thought “Are you OK?” (laughs). The company that I was working for at that time was like a studio and there was only my partner and I. So, I needed to think of two people. We discussed several times, and finally decided to set up a subsidiary and join the company. Since then, my main task is to run BML.


What kind of work actually are you doing?

There’s quite a lot of work, but mainly, I am working for the development and expansion of offline events, like BML and “Bilibili World”.

So please tell me about the events. What is the concept of BML?

BML is now held for three days. On the first day “BML VR” gathered virtual idols and made a virtual live concert. On the second day “BML SP” cast a popular Japanese anime singer in China and made a show. On the third day, we gather the uploaders of Bilibili and do one show.

When I did BML for the first time in 2013, I was still an outsider (contracted work), but since 2014 , I am mainly working as a producer and also doing director duties a little.

The concept I am thinking is to express well-being of popular content and excellent content on an offline stage well. The primary goal is to satisfy users through events.

What are the things you care about doing the event?

I would like to create a site where visitors can resonate. That is what I cherish from the first time. Like, feel sympathy, excitement, astonishment or remember old things... I would like to make people have these feelings through events. I always care about visitor’s satisfaction. Because I am an otaku, when I do BML, I am an operator, but also a fan. As one of the fans of BML, I am thinking of what I want to see, what I enjoy on the site, what I am impressed when I see it, and I just follow those feelings.


What do you think the reason is for BML growing?

One big reason is that Bilibili is growing at a tremendous speed. Another one is, I, myself, as a fan, am satisfied with this event every time. I think that other fans are also satisfied and are inviting their friends to this event by word-of-mouth.

Next: Mr.Ayu Interview Part.2 will be published on Dec, 2018!

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