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Anime Key Player Interview #8
Mr.Ayu,柴轩鸿 Vice President, Bilibili, Chaodian, Part.3


Could you tell us a bit about the next event?

The next time it will be the 10th anniversary of Bilibili and I would like to put more emphasis on stage art because I am thinking of making more flashy directing. Moreover, we made artists collaborate this year, so we are planning next year to realize more famous co-starring.

Next, I will ask you about the global expansion of Bilibili. What do you think about developing overseas?

In the future we feel strongly that we would like to become a more global company. But now we are still moving on the continental mainland of China and we hope that our contents will be able to help develop in Mainland China. That is the short-term goal. I would like many people to feel the charm of animation.

When services in Mainland China and Hong Kong and Taiwan and Macau stabilized, I think that we will think about other countries. As a global activity, I'd like to bring good overseas content to China first, and deliver it to general fans through Bilibili. Currently, the Japanese branch is investing in animation, and in my department, we are conducting joint management for artists with Japanese management company. We are trying to explore the global feeling from the details (laughs).

Please tell us about ANiUTa, which works in collaboration with Bilibili from June 2018.

It would be nice to be able to listen to all the favorite Anisongs in Bilibili. Not only Japanese Anisongs but also Chinese Anisongs in the future. I want to satisfy users. It would be best if that satisfy users and also helped Japanese Anisong label to explore in the Chinese market.

Bilibili has been listed on NASDAQ. Is there anything that has changed since listing?

As the company itself it has not changed much, there is not much feeling that it really was listed on NASDAQ. However, some of the funds raised by NASDAQ is used as a subsidy for the original content of the uploader.

Do you reward the original content?

That's right. Uploaders can earn income by uploading videos to Bilibili. Advertisement may not be attached if it is original content, and advertisement revenue in that case will be zero, but income comes in by the number of clicks. It was not in the past Bilibili. There are people who live only income from Bilibili, like YouTubers. For the click income, the money is coming from Bilibili, not like a YouTube’s revenue share. We would like to create an environment that allows people making original content to make a living with only the income from their original content.

It is wonderful. You seem to raise creators.

Yes, I agree because it is the creator that is building the base of Bilibili.

What fields do you particularly want to focus on?

In my opinion, I think that it is the most important thing to enrich the environment of the creator after all. I think that the click income on the original content I told you earlier will only be life insurance. This is one idea that Bilibili does to financially support to creator if the creator made good content. Our current policy is to establish a creative studio for individual creator. I feel that living security alone is not enough for efforts to keep doing, so we would like to create an environment where can continue to make good content.

Please tell us your future goals.

My goal is to make BML and Bilibili World an event proud of the world.

Finally, what is Anisong for you, Mr.Ayu?

Well...(laughs), I guess Anisong is like glasses for me. When you are not wearing glasses, you have a blurry vision. I think that it was me before I discovered Anisong. I did not really know what I used to do and what I really wanted to do, but since I met Anisong, the way I should go has been very clear. Anisong brought me all the achievements, the status and the connection I have gotten. It really seemed like glasses, I realized that the world is so clear and feel so beautiful.

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