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Anisong★Station original chart
8 ~ 14 Aug .2018

Pastel*Palettes “Mou Ichido Luminous” marked #1


Here’s weekly “Anisong★Station” ranking.
Pastel*Palettes"Mou Ichido Luminous" marked #1

Anisong★Station original chart (8 〜 14 Aug. 2018)

#1 Mou Ichido Luminous / Pastel*Palettes
Smartphone game “BanG Dream! - Girl's Band Party”

#2 Eternal Star / Asaka
TV animation “ISLAND” ED theme

#3 Silent Solitude / OxT
TV animation "OVERLORDIII" ending theme

#4 Koyoi wa Yume wo Misasete / Mai Kuraki
Animation “Tsukumogami Kashimasu” ending theme

TV animation "OVERLORDIII" opening theme

#6 CheerS / ClariS
TV animation “Cells at Work!” ED theme

#7 Hikari Shoumeiron / CHiCO with HoneyWorks
TV animation “Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii hen” ending theme

#8 Tenshi yo Kokyo wo Kike / May’n
TV animation “LORD of VERMILION: The Crimson King” opening theme

#8 Start Dash / Spira Spica
TV animation “Gundam Build Divers” ending theme

#10 GYAKKO / Maaya Sakamoto
Smartphone games「Fate / Grand Order」2nd part theme song

About “Anisong★Station”

“Anisong★Station” is a TV music programme specialized to Japanese anime songs.

It is broadcasted not only in Japan (MXTV), but also seven counrties/areas such as in Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore Mongolia and Sri Lanka ( WAKUWAKU JAPAN )!

At the JAMLAB., we are exclusively offering “Anisong★Station” original chart in English.
Basically, this chart will be uploaded every Tuesday, so stay connected.

This ranking is provided by http://mora.jp/

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