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Live Report: Anisong World Matsuri Japan Super Live


Anisong World Matsuri Japan Super Live presented by Anime Expo took place at the Microsoft Theater earlier last month on July 6th.

Anisong World Matsuri returned to Anime Expo for its 3rd consecutive year. Performing this year was Aimer, Yuki Kajiura, May’n, and Sanketsu-girl Sayuri.

The concert kicked off with May’n singing the opening to Accel World, “Chase the World.” The fans quickly turned on their concert light sticks coloring the whole theatre red as they cheered for her. She then sang “One In A Billion” solo version which served as the opening to Restaurant to Another World. During her talk segment she greeted the fans and thanked the fans for having her back again. She spoke in English throughout her whole talk segment. She then sang “Northern Cross” from the anime Macross Frontier and had the audience screaming with excitement. She then sang the opening to The Ancient Magus' Bride, “You” with the fans switching their concert light to a warm orange color. The next song was a fast paced song called “Belief” which was the opening to Taboo Tattoo. She finished off by singing “Diamond Crevasse” which was also from Macross Frontier sending fans into emotional nostalgia.

The 2nd singer up was Sanketsu-girl Sayuri. Sayuri came onto stage bare-footed with her guitar and started off her part by singing “Heikousen” which was the ending to Kuzu No Honkai fans screamed for joy seeing her perform in America for the first time. In her talk segment she talked enthusiastically about how it’s her first time performing out of Asia. She then played the guitar to the ending of Erased, “Sore Wa Chiisana Hikari No Youna” where everyone turned their concert light blue. For her next song “Tsuki To Hanataba” which served as the ending to Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, the lights were red and blue representing the color of the anime. The next song was “Furaregai Girl”, a song that Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS produced. She finished off her segment with the song “Mikazuki” which was the ending to Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace as well as her debut single. Her unique music, guitar and stage presence had the audience hooked to her performance.

Next up was Aimer. The crowd cheered as she walked on stage. The cameras were off making her only visible to the audience sitting in the front. She started off with “StarRisingChild”, the 7th ending to Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Right after the first song finished, she sang “Brave Shine” with a video of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works playing on the monitor screens. The next song she was “Ref:rain”, the ending to a series that aired earlier this year, After the Rain. She then sang a ballad called “broKen NIGHT” which serves as a song for the PS Vita game Fate/hollow ataraxia and had the fans sucked into her music. Her last song was an insert song for Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works called “LAST STARDUST”, the visuals of the anime accompanied her performance leading to the audience wanted more. She sat on a stool for her part making it simple yet putting up an extraordinary performance. She told the fans that she will “definitely come back again” sending the audience in cheers.

The final artist of the night was Yuki Kajiura. Fans screamed when her named was announced on screen. She walked on the stage and sat down in front of her piano accompanied by 3 vocalists. She started her performance with songs from the Fate series, “the beginning of the end” then onto “Lancer and Assassin. She then performed “longing” which was for the movie released last year, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. She went on to performing 2 nostalgic songs from the .hack series, “key of twilight” and “Yasashii Yoake” which had the audience dazzled. She ended her performance with “luminous sword” which is a popular OST from Sword Art Online. Her talk segment was all in English as well and thanked the fans for having her there.

As Yuki Kajiura walked off stage a massive call for encore filled the theatre. As a special surprise Yuuki Kajiura came back on stage with Aimer to perform their song “Hana no Uta” from the movie Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel. The fans were thrilled to hear them perform together. This was actually the first time they performed together live for this song and Aimer told Yuuki Kajiura how she was also thrilled to perform together.

The singers who performed that night all came back on stage expressing their gratitude and love to their oversea fans. The 3 hour concert filled with diverse singers ended successfully with fans cheering for them coloring the theatre with beautiful lights.

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