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Mr. Takashi Sonoda, General Producer of ANIMAX MUSIX, Manager of Animax Broadcast Japan Part.1


Animax is a worldwide satellite television network dedicated to broadcasting anime programs.  It was originally launched in Japan by Animax Broadcast Japan in 1998. Animax Broadcast Japan is not only broadcasting anime programs but also doing other businesses including production of anime works and television programs, and holding some offline events. The largest event is a music festival called ANIMAX MUSIX which is now held annually in Yokohama and Osaka. Today, we have an interview with the general producer of ANIMAX MUSIX, Mr. Takashi Sonoda, and will be talking about the festival, a little bit about himself, and his background.

[About yourself]

Nice to meet you Mr. Sonoda. First, let’s talk about yourself. What kind of childhood did you have? Did you like anime as a child?

- Well, rather than anime, manga or games, I did a lot of sports activities, such as baseball, soccer, swimming or tennis. Things where you had to be outside and move your body.

Is there an anime or an anime song from your childhood that left a lasting impression on you?

- My childhood was in the 80s, so there wasn’t a lot but of course I liked Dragon Ball, Kinnikuman, Captain Tsubasa, Saint Seiya and some others. I feel like it’s things that everyone else in school was watching as well. I wasn’t the type of guy to think, like, “I wanna watch a lot of anime,” but I remember a lot.

What kind of music do you personally like?

- I don’t think I listen to a huge amount of music. Currently I listen to artists like Ed Sheeran, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a lot of anime songs. Half of it is for work and the other half out of curiosity. I get a lot of sample CDs, so I can upload them from my PC onto my iPhone, so I can listen to them while commuting to work as part of my everyday life. I don’t really make a distinction between work and my private interests in that matter. It’s more like an extension of my work.

If it’s alright with you, please tell me about your career so far.

- I started my career by importing goods and merchandise from overseas to Japan. So actually, my first job was totally unrelated to music. When I started working at Animax, I worked for marketing and promotions for the channel. It was all more or less a coincidence that I started working here. It happened because of an introduction by an acquaintance.

When was the first time you got involved with anime songs? Please tell us about the artists or songs.

- I first started working here in 2010 as an assistant producer of the ANIMAX MUSIX event. During that time, I met an artist called May’n who became famous for singing songs for the anime Macross Frontier. She was like a princess of anisong music. Working with her had a huge impression on me. I still remember it to this day.

Next: Takahashi Sonoda Interview Part 2 will be published on 26 April, 2019!

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