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Mr. Takashi Sonoda, General Producer of ANIMAX MUSIX, Manager of Animax Broadcast Japan Part.2



ANIMAX MUSIX was first held in 2009, and now it’s one of the biggest events for anime music. Please tell us about how it all started.

- First, I did marketing and was consistently doing promotions. I had organized anisong events until I started to get involved with the ANIMAX MUSIX event. At first, even if we had a good event setup, it was possible that we would not make any profit.

For the first event, did you get any response? Please tell us about the things that didn’t go so well and the things that did.

- For the first event in 2009, I wasn’t working at Animax yet. When I started, I was still confused and didn’t know a lot about the industry. To tell the truth, I guess I probably caused some artists some trouble (laughs). But somehow, I managed to hold a successful event with my team.

That’s amazing. Mr. Sonoda, please tell us about how you became a producer.

- It was job rotation after the former producer was in his role for 6 years. I started in the Kanto area. In Osaka, I was trying to get more visitors to come to our events held in Osaka-Jo Hall which had a capacity of 10 thousand people. We had to book a lot of artists, so that was a big challenge.

When you became a producer for ANIMAX MUSIX, what kind of event did you think it was going to be?

- I wanted it to be an event that makes people who come happy. I wanted them to be happy about the artists that perform here and so that they would want to come again. That's still something I think of to this day and that hasn't changed.

Aside from producing events, is there anything you value particularly? Please tell us if there’s anything you’re fixated on.

- Of course, there’s a lot. In particular, I am especially focused on making each artists performance a great experience for the audience. First of all, to do so we decide on an introduction which leaves an impression, their original songs as well as powerful collaborations between artists and cover songs. Second, as we ourselves are not professional musicians, we always try to put ourselves into the shoes of the audience. What would someone like us or someone who is a music amateur appreciate the most? These two points are what I think about a lot about what I am fixated on.

Also, I think it is always good to have a theme for each event. Such as “The last ANIMAX MUSIX of the Heisei era” in which we feature the top acts of the Heisei era.

ANIMAX MUSIX is growing to be an annual event. What do you think is the reason for that?

- I believe it's because the artists continue to perform every year, even though the amount of these kinds of events are increasing. There are wonderful artists that perform every year, so I think that is the biggest reason. ANIMAX MUSIX is expanding every year – now it’s in Osaka, we have DJ Night, NEXTAGE and so on. Many events are held on stages beside Yokohama Arena. I think anisongs attract a lot of people, and the audience gets bigger every year. We are also streaming the event on our channels worldwide as well. I’d like to spread the word, especially in Asia.

Next: Takahashi Sonoda Interview Part 3 will be published on 7 May, 2019!

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