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Popular smartphone game with over 9 million downloads worldwide “Shoumetsu Toshi” to get TV anime!


Popular smartphone game from Wright Flyer Studios, “Shoumetsu Toshi” announced that the series will be getting a TV anime adaptation during their official event on May 27th (Sun).

“Shoumetsu Toshi” was released on May 2014 and has reached over 9 million downloads worldwide. The story revolves around present day Japan with mysteries unfolding one after another.  With simple controls, the RPG action game is refreshing and is highly popular, casting big names such as Tomokazu Sugita and Kana Hanazawa as the lead characters.

At the event, they had announced 4 big projects for the game along with the news of the anime adaptation. Please look forward to these projects.

One day a city is annihilated.
A lone wolf smuggler Takuya, and supposedly the last young lady from the city Yuki meets.
With the message that Yuki’s father wrote who she thought she would never hear from again, they head towards the “lost” city

But they stumble upon an unpredicted obstacle.

Takaya and Yuki, two people who were complete strangers bond as they travel together to solve the mysteries behind the annihilated city.


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