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TV Anime Attack on Titans season 3 opening theme to be sung by X JAPAN feat. HYDE!


TV Attack on Titans seasons 3 premiers on July 22nd in Japan (On NHK General TV).

The world premiere for the first episode was screened in Los Angeles at Anime Expo 2018 on July 8th (Sun) American time.

During the stage show, it was announced that the opening theme for season 3 will be performed by X JAPAN feat. HYDE.

Yuuki Kaji who voices the main character, Eren Yeager, expressed his excitement on stage to the  local anime fans by saying “I'm so happy to be able to work with artists who not only are successful in Japan but successful throughout the world. It feels like a dream.”

Please look forward to the show which will start airing on July 22nd.

◾️◾️More information◾️◾️

Official site: http://shingeki.tv/season3/

Official twitter account: @anime_shingeki

Official Trailer




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