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petit milady (Aoi Yuki・Ayana Taketatsu) releases music video for their 7th single『A or A!?』


Voice actress unit “petit milady” Aoi Yuki・Ayana Taketatsu released their music video of their newest single『A or A!?』on YouTube. Their newest single will be released on May 16th.

petit milady - 『A or A!?』 (TV animation「Alice or Alice」Opening theme) (YouTube Edit)

In the latest music video, the two are dressed up as high school student YouTubers. Not only do they sing and dance in their video, they also take on various challenges. On the “YouTube Edit” version, viewers can watch their selfie comment video which was taken on their MV set. The full version of the video will be included in the first press release of the single so please check it out!

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