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How to use

Who can sign up to JAM LAB.?

The following anime music related professionals and media are welcome to sign up:

Record labels
For those interested in locally releasing/distributing music and video content by anime music artists presented in JAM LAB.

Concert and event promoters, booking agents
For those interested in booking anime music artists presented in JAM LAB. for concerts and live appearance events.

Anime and anime related media and press
For anime related media and journalist interested in introducing anime music and artists presented in JAM LAB.

Other anime music professionals
For other professionals interested in establishing business relationships with official rights holders presented in JAM LAB.

Functions available after signing up

Once you are registered at JAM LAB., the following functions will become available:

Direct contacting
From "Inquiries" on each Artist page, you can contact official rights holders directly by category.

Member exclusive videos
We plan to feature rare or exclusive audio visual content of anime music artists.

Favorite list
You can list up your favorite artists

Artist page printout
The artist pages will be adjusted so you can print them out perfectly on A4 paper size.

Contact from labels
Japanese companies/labels can find and contact you directly if they should wish to start a business dialogue (optional).

Upon request, you will receive from time to time, newsletters on anime music and artists.

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